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Age Difference Erotica

Title:  Summer of Sex

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  40,431 Words

ISBN:  LC2100051

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3D Ebook Cover - Summer of Sex - by R. Richard

Summer of Sex


Amanda opens the contest by wearing a bikini that looks something like a cork and two band aid plastic dots. Alice can’t go quite as small as Amanda in the bra area as she has to cover mountains, rather than Amanda’s molehills. Thus Amanda is triumphant, although the rest of the girls are supposedly not all that happy with the ridiculously small bikini tops that Amanda wears. (Mind you, all of the other girls are trimming their own bikini tops down, but since they’re self respecting girls they’re doing it only because that bitch Amanda started it and they’re doing only what they have to do to keep their own boy friends.)

However, Alice isn’t to be so easily beaten in a tit contest after her long struggle. Instead, Alice comes up with the clever plan that stands our little group on its collective ear and sets the tone for our last summer at Del Prado. Alice goes topless on the beach at College Cove! (Now, whether a girl going topless in public is a good thing or a bad thing is debatable. Older people seem to think that it’s a bad thing, younger people seem to think that it may be a good thing. However, in any case, Alice definitely has the build for it.)

The very first day of her experiment Alice gets into a nasty argument with most of the other girls.

I’m called in to moderate the near cat fight. I’m afraid I basically wind up fighting fire with gasoline.

Alice states her case and I respond by sticking my foot in my mouth up to the knee.

I say, in words that will live with me until my dying day, “You have a couple of good points there.” After that, it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

Alice struts around and shows off the 'good points.' The boys, including myself, are mesmerized by the tit display and any girl who wants to be noticed by the boys at College Cove has to become a 'nipple nudie.'

Each of the girls at College Cove goes topless after a brief, nasty lecture to her boy friend. Most of the boys embarrass themselves by staring at their girl’s newly exposed tits. I want to say that I don’t act like an idiot and just stare at my girl’s tits. Hell no! I immediately began to feel Brenda’s tits, to determine if they’re real or silicone. They’re real!

Brenda tries to fend me off, but I’m so strong that her little evasive maneuvers are of very little use. She's embarrassed and, rather than start a big, public fight with me, she finally gets up and stalks off down the beach. I realize that I’m in potentially big trouble here and I go after her.

Brenda is ignoring me and we walk quite a ways down the beach. We finally get to the far corner of the cove. In the far corner of the cove there's a clump of bushes. As we approach the bushes what do we spy but Alvin and Alice. Now, Alvin is basically a good for nothing, skinny wimp. However, it appears that he has developed his tongue to an extent that's hard to believe. He has his tongue between Alice’s legs and, judging by the sounds, he's doing more than just all right.



After 19 years, a classified government project is closing down at the remote Del Prado site on the California coast. The adults are suddenly scrambling for new jobs in a very tight job market. Most of the people will never see each other again. Meanwhile, the 18-year-old teenagers run wild, with no adult supervision. There also is a little sex with the adults.

eBook TAGS    nudity, public sex, partner swapping, incest, blowjob, strip, gangbang


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