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Zombie BDSM Erotica?

Title:  Submissive Zombie Slut

Series:  N/A

Author: Lily Weidner

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  4,324 Words

ISBN:  9781301136698

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Submissive Zombie Slut, by Lily Weidner

Submissive Zombie Slut


My hands remained pinned down, and there was nothing I could do as she got on top of me. Her skirt was ripped to shreds, and there was nothing left of her panties. The more my body moved to accommodate the body on top of me, the more she moved closer. In a matter of seconds, she was straddling my mouth. Her pussy was inches from my mouth, and curiosity got the better of me. Until then, I'd always wondered what another woman would taste like.

Slowly, my tongue reached up to her warm pussy. It was surprisingly wet, and the taste of her filled me with a hungry desire. My hands fought to be free, and eventually were able to hold the female in place. Her juices ran down onto my mouth, and I licked even more intently. My tongue parted her lips, and penetrated her as deep as possible. With my tongue deep within her pusst, my lips sucked around her entrance. The female seemed to love what I was doing, and it gained the attention of another male zombie.

The male zombie looked at the female on top of me with lust, and he managed to bend her over. Not wanting to refuse, my grip loosened on her legs. Seeking balance, the female gripped my ankles. I found myself trapped underneath them, as the male excited the one of top of me. Her moans grew louder, as the male began to thrust inside her. My head tilted back as far as possible, and for a moment I watched his dick thrust continually into the girl's pussy. The sight of it made me extremely excited, and my mouth worked its way up to the man's dick.

* * * *

I didn't think to cry, the fear of dying seeming like a kind of joke. It was their inhuman groans that made me start to panic. The group of zombies was on me instantly, two of them holding my legs down so I couldn't escape. Adrenaline must have kicked in, and I fought to free my ankles from their grasp. I felt my body sliding up away from the creatures, only to realize my pants were simply loose enough to allow partial escape. One of the zombies gripped my ankle tighter, and I still remained trapped with my pants left around my ankles.

The scream that followed was not my own, but one of the male zombies. Rumor was these creatures let out a hunting call, but no one had ever lived to be certain. Expecting the worst, I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable. Nothing came, yet my body remained held down by the group. A sudden weight pressed my body down against the pavement, and I let out a nervous whimper. Instead of teeth tearing into my flesh, I felt my legs being spread as far as my pants would allow.

Panic gripped me, and yet I forced my eyes open.  One of the creatures had climbed on top of me, straddling my body as if to hold me down. I raised my hands to shove the zombie off, but discovered they were quickly pinned down by the others. Unable to fight, I began to wonder why they hadn't made a feast out of me yet. It was then I felt it, a single warm tongue working its way up my inner thigh. Shutting my eyes, I simply prayed the creature would let me die quickly.

There was no pain; instead there was a warmth that spread between my legs. Moisture began to soak my panties, and then I felt a probing tongue. My eyes shot open, and I began struggling to free myself like never before. This seemed to excite the zombie, as his teeth began to tear away at my panties. His teeth after a few minutes dug painfully into the fabric of my panties, and I felt them torn from my body. I had no choice but remain pinned down on the pavement, and let this creature feed as he desired.



Sarah lives in a world where sex is the last thought on people's minds as they focus on surviving the zombie apocalypse. When Sarah is left at the mercy of a group of the living dead, she discovers a hidden side to the apocalypse. Perhaps this isn't the end of the world after all, but merely the end of sex as Sarah knew it. These zombies aren't seeking brains, but want to satisfy an even more primal desire. The opportunity proves just what Sarah needs, as she discovers a darker side to her sexual desires.

eBook TAGS    Supernatural BDSM Erotica: Zombie Erotica, BDSM Paranormal, Captured by Zombies, Ménage à trois, Group Sex, Lesbian Zombie Sex


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