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Step-Brother/Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Step-Brother's Plaything

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  9,157 Words

ISBN:  LC1200088

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3D Ebook Cover - Step-Brother's Plaything - by Crimson Rose

Step-Brother's Plaything


“Do you know the punishment position?”

“Yes Master,” Sasha said walking to the center of the living room and getting onto her hands and knees – lowering her head onto her folded arms and raised her feet up so that she was directly on her knees.

“Very nice,” Ryan said taking off his belt. “I am going to give you twenty swats and you will count each one and thank me for teaching you this lesson. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” No sooner were the words out of her mouth then she felt the sting of the belt across her upturned ass. “Aahhgghhh! Oh fuck that hurts!” she cried before remembering what she was supposed to say. “One. Thank you Master for teaching me this lesson.”


“Two. Thank you Master for teaching me this lesson.”


“Aahhh Three,” she said grinding her teeth together. “Thank you Master for teaching me this lesson.”

THWACK! This on landed full force causing her to exhale all the air in her lungs and yelp in agony.

“Oowww ow, ow, ow! Oh my motherfucking god that hurts! F-Four! Thank y-you Master for t-teaching me this l-lesson.”

Dropping the belt on the floor, Ryan dropped his pants and pushed into his step-sister turned submissive’s pussy hard and fast – holding her by the hips for more leverage. “I’m going to fuck my load into you Sasha. And I’m going to keep fucking my seed into you until you’re pregnant with my baby! What do you have to say about that?”

“T-Thank you Master!” Sasha moaned, happy that the punishment was over even if only for a little while. “Fuck me, Master! Fill me with your baby-making seed! Uhn…uhn…yes…oh god, that’s it, Master! Harder! Please fuck me harder, Master!”

“Are you on birth control?”

“No Master.”

“Don’t lie to me or you know what’ll happen.”

“I am not on birth control of any kind Master.”

“I’m going to come deep in your pussy, Sasha. I am not kidding. If you let me do it now I won’t stop until you’re carrying my child. This is your one and only chance to change that.”

“I understand, Master. Breed me! Fuck me like an animal and give me your seed!” she said slamming her hips back to take him as deep as possible while silently praising him for at least giving her the opportunity to change the course of their relationship. But when he suddenly pulled out, she looked back over her shoulder confused. “Why did you stop, Master?”

“Don’t worry, we’re far from finished. Go to your room and get a three inch plug and bring it back.”

“Yes Master. Can I walk or do you want me to crawl?”

“What do you think?”



Stumbling upon his step-sister Sasha on his favorite webcam site, Ryan buys some tokens and takes her into a private show in order to see just how kinky she was willing to get. Using the microphone controls to disguise his voice, and lowering his own webcam below the waist to keep his identity secret, he learns of her submissiveness and quickly takes control – commanding her to humiliating new heights of pleasure.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Domination & Submission BDSM, Hucow LactoSlut, Discipline, Slave Training, Body Modification, Fisting


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