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Vintage 1983 Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Spying Mom

Series:  Greenleaf Classics AB-5384

Author: Kathy Andrews

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Peter Magnum Edition

Language: English

Length:  32,375 Words

ISBN:  LC1000137

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Spying Mom - by Kathy Andrews

Spying Mom


Five young boys stood in a circle, and each had his pants around his knees.

Sarah Taylor, trying to keep them from knowing she was there, watching through the shrubbery, was amazed but not shocked to see her daughter Judy on the ground in the middle of them. Each of the boys had a hard-on; and they were jacking off as they gazed at Judy.

Judy, her young eyes glazed in passion, looked from boy to boy, her gaze darting from cock to cock. She lay on her back, legs up and knees spread. She had pulled her skirt to her waist and had opened her blouse. Her hard, flawless little breasts were exposed to the boys. She still had her panties on, but the crotch of them was pulled up tight, outlining her cunt.

Her pretty ass writhed as she looked from cock to cock.

Sarah stooped in the bushes, watching them. She could not deny the rumblings of excitement in her body, nor the wet heat throbbing between her thighs. Her tits had become almost painfully swollen inside her lightweight summer sweater, and her perky nipples strained at the material. Her tits heaved up and down as she panted as softly as she could. She did not want to frighten any of the boys, especially not Judy.

Judy's blonde curls, highlighted with gold flecks by the sunlight coming through the tree tops, spread around her head. Those huge blue eyes appeared glazed over as she moved her head about, trying to watch all five boys as they jacked on those hard cocks at the same time. She had a small hand clutching one tit, the other hand moving up and down the inside of her smooth, satiny thigh. Sarah watched as Judy's fingers came close to her pantied cunt, as if teasing herself by lightly touching her crotch, then back on her thigh again.



Forbidden passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modem everyday life. Sometimes these dark passions surface; and headlines scream of dark antisocial behavior or, in some cases, depraved acts. Hardly a day passes without such hidden passions resulting in big news. This dramatic story features a mother who dares let her most base sexual desires for her son and daughter surface; who dares indulge her taboo cravings. She’s willing to accept the consequences, reward or punishment, for allowing her family to become completely liberated.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, MILF Mom, Twin Brother Sister Sex, Mother Daughter Lesbian Sex, Taboo Kinks, Forbidden XXX Sex, Depraved Hardcore Sex, Vintage 1970's Pulp Fiction Erotica, Kathy Andrews AB–5384


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The Original 1983 Cover