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Lesbian Group Sex Erotica

Title:  Sorority

Series:  N/A

Author: Autumn Seave

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Autumn Seave

Language: English

Length:  16,838 Words

ISBN:  LC4300028

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3D Ebook Cover - Sorority - by Autumn Seave



I was finally away from home and in my first year at university in the city. Home wasnít so bad. I did miss my parents and my dog, Ruff. But I never, ever, felt like anyone understood me there. I was different. In a world where women could do absolutely anything they wanted if they fought for it hard enough, my small town was stuck in the fifties. We had the lowest divorce rate in the country, even if it did mean that women stayed with husbands who beat them and had no money to call their own. Girls really did stay virgins until they were married and everyone went to church on Sunday. It didnít matter which church you went to as long as you werenít caught home in bed like the sinners.

I was different in every way possible. I refused to resign myself to the idea of getting married and having babies until my womb couldnít produce anymore. And I donít know where the idea of sexual freedom came from but I hated that all the guys in my high school could screw around to their heartís content but I had to save it for some guy I likely wouldnít even love if my parents had anything to do with it. So I did what the guys did. I saved my money, I bought a car, and on the weekends I went to other towns within driving distance and fucked my brains out.

But now I was at university and I could fuck anyone I wanted and no one looked twice. I was in awe at the selection, but I had a special fondness for ethnic men. Black, Latino, Asian, or Native Ė they were so unlike the guys Iíd grown up with that I was drawn to them in a way I couldnít explain.

When it came time to choose a fraternity there was only one choice in my mind. As with most university campuses, there were many sororities to choose from. Some were for smart girls, others for the beautiful, and some for the rich. But the only sorority I was interested in was truly elite. Although most of the female students on this campus tried to become part of this sorority, they had no idea what it was all about or why they wanted to be a part of it. They only knew that this sorority was very selective. Some years, only one or two new girls would be asked to join. Other years there were more. I wasnít quite sure why I wanted into this sorority so badly but I had this feeling that there was a good reason they were so choosy about their pledges and I knew that Iíd fit in. Iíd managed to pass all but the final test. Tonight, Iíd have to pass it.



This is the erotic story of a young woman who goes off to college and ends up joining a sorority unlike any she could have possibly imagined. She learns more about herself and her sexuality than she ever could have learned about in class!

eBook TAGS    Barely Legal Girls, Lesbian Menage, group sex, orgies, spanking, submission, Bondage & Discipline BDSM, dominance, anal


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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