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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Son’s Delight

Series:  Diabolical Incest

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  22,392 Words

ISBN:  9781310214028

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3D Ebook Cover - Son’s Delight - Diabolical Incest - by Surely Wilder

Son’s Delight


“She’s in the living room, but you might not want to go in there.” He stated with a shift to his head and a sly smile that made me more than aware that something was up.

“I came all this way to see her. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

“Oh... I’m sure she will.” Earl teased with a slight laugh. His statement made me more than curious.

I brushed past him. “No don’t go.” He taunted which caused me to hasten my entry.

I walked into the southwestern styled room and was repulsed with its ornamentation. He had certainly used some of Mother’s assets to decorate this space in a gaudy fashion that reeked of cliché. The room displayed his hunting trophies from antelope to beavers, but the thing that gravitated my attention was my mother standing at attention in perfect posture wearing another chestnut of masochistic servility. She was in a maids outfit with a thick bondage collar strung about her neck and a black, latex ball gag in her mouth. She wore a black, baby doll skirt that barely covered her crotch and she was cinched into a black latex corset that pushed her beautifully large breasts up which were covered by a flimsy white peasant blouse that strapped over her shoulders. The plunging neckline of the costume revealed an obscene amount of her creamy cleavage which I liked. A white lace tiara perched on top of her head pulled her curly, long black hair back. She looked stunning, and I instantly knew that something was wrong.

“Here she is. You interrupted one of her training sessions, but we’ll continue. Won’t we, Sylvia?” Earl sneered as he picked up a riding crop from a table on the side.

“MMM HMMM” Mother sputtered instantly through the ball gag. I was stunned. She had just given her pervert of a husband permission to continue what was obviously a sexual game in my presence.

“Very good.” Earl beamed and pushed past me as he tucked the crop underneath his arm. He approached mother who remained completely passive and still despite his obviously aggressive approach. Mother’s face never wavered. She never looked toward me as though I weren’t in the room; instead, her gaze was transfixed on an imaginary point on the wall behind me. I watched in complete disbelief as Earl stood behind her. “Stretch,” he commanded.

Mother raised her hands high over her head which forced her mammoth breasts to stand out. Earl reached around her torso so that he could cup her large tits vulgarly and began pawing her ample bosom. Mother made no effort to resist him nor showed any sign of resistance as his hands mauled her double E jewels. Suddenly, he pushed his hands through the straps and I knew that he was fondling her naked bosom. Though mother never moved nor changed her gaze, it was clear that she was worked up sexually from the way her breathing intensified. I watched with disbelief as the pathetic bastard manhandled my mother. His hands undulated obscenely underneath her blouse front as he pinched her nipples and molested her openly.

“Your little boy has given us a surprise visit, slut. He’s come home for Christmas just to see Mommy.  Let’s give him something to look at.” Earl looked at me for a reaction, I gave him none other than a raised eyebrow.  

“UUHHH!!!” She moaned but from the sound of her voice it was clear that she was in full sexual heat. I had never heard mother’s voice like this, I liked it.



Ever wonder how a sadistic voyeur begins his life of exploration and forbidden passions? In Surely Wilder’s latest tale, readers will discover the dark past of one son’s incestuous desires for his mother. Negotiating what will become their life of passion fueled mother son sex, a life for a life is the deal. With their hidden lusts driving their kinky experimentation, will this hot older woman find herself taken in unimaginable ways by her young son?

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Stepfather Stepson Sex, Threesome MMF Menage, BDSM NonCon Humiliation, Submissive Exhibitionist Maid, Sadistic Punishment


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