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Brother Sister Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Slumber Party

Series: Tammy & Johnny No.3

Author: Little Dickins

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  New Dawning Bookfair

Language: English

Length:  6,760 Words

ISBN:  LC1200047

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3D Ebook Cover - Slumber Party - Tammy & Johnny No.3 - by Little Dickins

Slumber Party


I was bent over cleaning out the skimmer when I heard the screen door slam. I rose, spun around and saw Tammy and Becky. At first I was captivated by Becky's prodigious rack, but then I noticed while I stared at her, she stared at me, or more specifically my engorged prick. Without thinking, I dove into the pool and began swimming.

"Did you see that?" Becky asked Tammy.

"Ah-huh. I told you he was big." Tammy walked to the edge of the pool. "Hey Johnny. What're you doing?"

I stopped swimming and began treading water, working my way over to where she stood. "Just swimming laps."

She scrunched her nose. "In the nude?"

I…ya always wanted to skinny dip in our pool, but Mom or Dad always seemed to be home.

I looked at Becky who'd sidled up to Tammy. "Hi Becky."

Her smile was coy and her voice, flirty. "Hi Johnny. I love your outfit. It seems so unencumbered. Isn't it Tammy?"

"Very," she agreed.

I frowned so much it scrunched my nose. "Very funny, girls."

"No, Johnny, I was serious. I would love to skinny dip. Would it be all right if we took our suits off and got in with you?"

Is she kidding?

Before I could answer, Becky stripped naked and Tammy followed. They headed toward the steps at the shallow end, and I waded toward them, but not so far that my prick would pop above the water. I watched as my sister and her curvy friend descended into the water. The water was a bit cold so they took their time immersing themselves.

God, was I horny. They were like two wet dreams coming to join me in a pool of lust. Tammy was slender and statuesque, a true model type. Becky was almost the opposite, a few inches shorter, with a tiny waist sandwiched between large, upturned hooters and a fabulous rounded ass. Like the kind of woman you'd go ape shit over at a topless bar. Fuck, I wish I had a camera.

I waited for them as they entered the pool, then waded slowly into the deeper water toward me. Each wore a naughty smile as they drew closer. I noticed the cool pool temperature has caused their areolas to pebble and nipples to harden. I licked my lips. Their distended nipples jutted out as if pleading for me to suckle them.

They sidled up and wrapped their arms around me. How the fuck did I get so lucky. Then, they edged together where we could embrace and we hugged. I sighed as I felt their soft breasts and hard nipples press into my chest.

They both backed away and Becky Body joked, "Ooh, what's this hard thing digging into my stomach." Every ounce of oxygen expired from my lungs as she squeezed my dick—hard.

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Tammy & Johnny No.3



Tammy & Johnny's parents go out of town to a class reunion leaving Johnny in charge with orders to take good care of his just turned eighteen sister. Tammy has her own idea of what taking good care of means and after a day and a half of sexual experimentation, Johnny suggests Tammy invite her friend Becky over for a Slumber Party. As Johnny hoped, when Becky arrives the fireworks continue.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Oral Sex, Explicitly Forbidden Love, Taboo Experimentation, Lost Virginity


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