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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  SLR Daughter

Series: N/A

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  5,607 Words

ISBN:  LC1100210

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3D Ebook Cover - SLR Daughter - by Lisa Smiles

SLR Daughter


Iím helping my 18yo daughter Hayley with her photography assignment for school. We spent the morning walking in search of native flowers. Then we stopped for a swim and a picnic.

ďCome on beautiful girl, thereís only one flower here and thatís you. Let daddy take a few photos. Youíre just so cute, sweetie.Ē Iíve launched into saying these things without really thinking. Iíve had two beers. Iím drunk from the sun. Iím drunk from walking these trails behind my cute daughter with nothing stopping me staring. I swear the last time I looked, maybe a few years ago now, she had no hips and no waist. Where did those come from?

Nowís sheís turned to me with a curious sparkle in her puppy dog eyes. Sheís like her mother when I first met her. A wonder.

ďYour skin and your eyes Hayley. Your nose and your lips. Why donít you sit on this log and look into the camera?Ē

To see your daughter through a view-finder is to see her anew. With cross hairs over them and square boxes chasing highlights and adjusting the focus it occurs to me that my daughter is a subject to be gazed upon by male eyes. This camera is a manís gazing machine. The lips that have come to me in the past with whining remarks are lipsÖ

I really am drunk from the sun. I canít believe I just looked at my own daughterís lips and imagined myself using their picture to wank. How do I snap myself out of this daydreaming nonsense?

Thereís a strange silence between us, as though weíre each in conversation with the sound of the stream and the birds. Sheís turning her head, pouting, then smiling, twisting, and now almost laughing at the absurdity of flirting with cameras.

Zooming out for full body shots I see more than I was expecting. She has been so swept away by my outpouring of praise she has forgotten how she removed her wet bikini from under her dress after she came out of the water. I canít properly see for the shadows but thereís technically nothing obstructing my view through her legs. What can I do though? She would be embarrassed if I said anything and I would kick myself forever if I didnít just keep taking photos. When I adjust the exposure on all of these files I could find some clear shots of her snatch.

Now Iím nervous. And when Iím nervous I yak. ďThatís beautiful Hayley. Raise one arm and put your hand behind your head. Lovely. Put your other arm behind you and lean back. Thatís fantastic. Maybe bring one knee up and put your foot on the log.Ē

Iím in trouble now. Her hem has fallen to the top of her leg. Iím seeing my daughterís best secrets, fully lit by the sun, fully exposed, and fully bald. I heard thatís what girls her age all do nowadays. Itís terrible though. She looks so young! How will I prove she was eighteen when these were taken? But thereís no way I could ever erase what Iím photographing right now. She has a beautiful cleft. I just wish there was some way to go further.



A big camera, an 18yo old girl and a secluded spot by the riverógiven the times we are living in, it's obvious where such a cocktail of elements will lead this father and daughter. But after the sultry portraits of clothing falling off of her body, what chance is there of things going further? The daddy in this little tale is a real estate agent, who knows how to seal a big deal.

eBook TAGS    daddy daughter erotica, father daughter incest, Incest Erotica, family sex, , barely legal girls, virgin, photography backstage


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