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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Slave Sister

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  19,301 Words

ISBN:  LC1200076

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3D Ebook Cover - Slave Sister - by R. Richard

Slave Sister


Sis says, ďAh, about tonight.  I wanna start out with doggie style.  I have no idea how you go about things, but I donít wanna be pinned down.Ē

ďNot a problem.  We can start with doggie style tonight and, over time, we gonna try any number a positions.  We gonna train each other to be very good sex partners.Ē

Sis says, ďI guess, however, I never thought that Iíd be screwiní my own brother.Ē

ďI never thought that I'd be screwing my own sister neither, but tonightís the night!Ē

I make a last check on financial stuff up in the Internet and then I go in to the bedroom, strip off, lie on the bed and wait for Sis.

Sis finally comes out of the bathroom.  She has on a see through nightie that really covers nothing that I wanna see.  (Despite the act about Ďmy own brother,í Sis poses for me, so that I get the full effect of her display.)  Sis then climbs on the bed and gets in doggie position.

I get up to a kneeling position, stick my dick into my sisterís pussy, grab the front of her thighs and begin to fuck Sis.  I can feel Sis move with me as I fuck her and she knows what ta do.  I fuck Sis for a bit and then she clamps down on me and I get off.  I hear Sis make some noise, but Iím pretty sure itís fake.  I then release the front of my sisterís thighs and she collapses on the bed.  I lie down beside my sister and drift off into sleep.

I get myself ready and then I exit the bathroom.  I pose for Jess, so that my brother can see what heís gonna get.  I climb on the bed and get in doggie position.  I can feel Jess kneel behind me and stick his cock into my pussy.  Itís a rather large cock and it kinda fills me up.  I feel Jess grab the front a my thighs and then my brother begin to fuck me.  Even though itís my brother, I begin to move with him.  I have been screwed by, I donít know how many, men and I knows what ta do to make it a screw to remember.  I can feel Jess screw his sister, with deep, hard thrusts.  My brother is stronger than some of the soft, little men that have screwed me in the past and I let him have his way, for a while.  I start to get excited and I donít want my brother to dominate me, least wise not yet.  I clamp down on his driving cock and bring him off.  I let Jess hear Sis make some noise, but itís fake, this time anyway.  I then feel Jess release the front of my thighs and I sort of slow motion collapse on the bed.  I feel my brother lie down beside me and I donít cuddle to him, because I donít want him to think that he conquered his sister.  I hear Jess'es breathin' slow down and he relaxes as I drift off into sleep.

In the morning, I wake up, cuddled to Jess, roll out of bed and go into the bathroom.



Jess has the placeóall he needs is a girl! When his sister needs a place to stay, heís hardly one to turn her away. Striking a deal, Jess finds his sister might provide the perfect girlfriend! When a night of kinky, brother sister sex ensues, will these siblings end up with more than they bargained for? The sex is hot, the relationship forbidden, can they ever become more than loving siblings?

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Sex, Extortion for Sex, Taboo Romance


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Relative Taboo

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