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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Sister in Chains

Series:  BH-8070 Greenleaf Classics 1979

Author: Robert Vickers

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  35,279 Words

ISBN:  LC1200117

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3D Ebook Cover - Sister in Chains - by Robert Vickers

Sister in Chains


“It feels sort of sexy,” said Brandy, wondering I what she should really have said. Her brother's face clouded over in a mounting rage.

“That is an indication that you are still filled with evil. Suck on her cunt and remove the evil that way. Suck, damn you, suck! Whip her while she sucks to make sure of a proper job!”

Brandy flinched when she heard the whip sing through the air, even though it didn't strike her. She realized that whoever it was kneeling behind her and licking her asshole was the one on the receiving end of the whipping. In a perverted way, Brandy thrilled to this. At least she wasn't the one receiving the welts and agony.

Quite the contrary. She was getting nothing but stark carnal pleasure from the tongue working around on her asshole. She sighed and tried to relax more and enjoy this odd form of oral sex. She had never had anyone tongue-fucking her asshole before. The agile tongue slipped past the cherry guardian of her asshole and worked into her shit chute.

Brandy quaked all over. She felt the desires mounting faster than she could ever hope to control them. Then the girl realized there was no real need of controlling them. Go with the flow, let it all hang out, whatever she wanted to call it. She came.

Her entire body tensed and she screamed. And the tongue-fucking continued. To her joy, did it ever continue!

The tongue slid deeper into her asshole. She could feel it wiggling like a worm against the walls of her newly fucked ass. The hot breath panting against her asscheeks told her that whoever it was licking and tonguing her asshole was receiving a considerable amount of pleasure from it, too.

But the evil whine of the whip slashing through the air and the meaty thunks as it impacted against bare flesh told the chained girl that the person eating out her asshole was receiving a portion of agony, too. That bothered her. She was getting all the enjoyment and none of the pain.

“Stop whipping him!” she called out. “Stop it this instant!”

“Whipping him?” asked James. “Whom do you mean?”

“Whoever it is that's eating out my asshole!”

“You mean she and not he. She is eating out your filthy cavity. But do you really wish the flagellation to stop?”

“Yes, yes!” Brandy felt her nerves all firing at the same time. And they were all singing out in wild, berserk lust. She didn't care what happened as long as she continued to receive such pleasure.

“Very well, stop whipping Sister Roxanne. Whip Sister Brandy instead.”


The girl had no more time to protest. The whip whistled through the air and landed with a smarting sting across her shoulders. Chained down to the rough stone altar as she was, she couldn't hope to evade that tongue of leather. The person using the whip was most expert. No skin was lifted from her body. Nothing but pain was given her. She wondered if she would even have a mark to show for this whipping.

The pain mounted faster than the pleasure in her body after they switched the focus of their brutal attention. The tongue working so avidly in her asshole speeded up. But so did the whip lashing against her unprotected flesh. She loved the way that tongue worked deeper and deeper into her asshole. The rough wet tongue drove in and wiggled fiercely inside her asshole until she was moaning out loud.

And the whip would descend on her back or shoulders and add pain to her pleasure.

Over and over this happened until the girl was unable to tell which was which. Was it pleasure she got from the tongue fucking her ass or was it pleasure from the whip? Was it pain from the whip licking fiercely against her skin or was it from the tongue slithering in and out of her asshole? She was too confused to tell any more.

She simply drowned in a morass of conflicting emotions. Pleasure and pain merged and became one. She loved the pain and hated the pleasure. She sought the pleasure and tried to avoid the pain. It was all mixed up in her head until she wanted to cry.

Then James added a new dimension to the humiliation they were heaping on her blonde head. He moved closer and held his rigid cock in his hand. He shoved it toward her lips and ordered her, “Suck!”



Brandy Lawrence is the victim of her unscrupulous brother and the evil people he causes her to become involved with after being raped by her father. At eighteen, Brandy finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. Hung naked on a crucifix, sacrificed sexually on an altar, and after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her brothers torments.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Sex, Brother Sister Incest, Father Daughter Rape, Non-Consent Sex, BDSM Domination & Submission, Religious Sadism, Hung on a Crucifix, Sacrificed on an Alter


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The Original 1979 Cover