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Prowling Cougar & Cub Erotica

Title:  Shhh! Indecent Librarian

Series:  Bugtussle No.2

Author: Betty Beckett

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  33,430 Words

ISBN:  9781301190591

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3D Ebook Cover - Shhh! Indecent Librarian - Bugtussle No.2 - by Betty Beckett

Shhh! Indecent Librarian


"Excuse me, ma'am. But they said at the book desk that you can show me where to find the books on gorillas."

Lizzy snapped to instant attention, wiping the startled expression off her face and giving the library patron a professionally friendly smile. "Yes Sir, I sure will, young man."

She slipped out from behind her desk after surreptitiously sliding her shoes back on and escorted the boy back into the mezzanine stacks.

"You should find some gorilla books on this shelf," she advised. "However, if you don't find exactly what you need here, we can go check the book stacks in the basement."

As Lizzy turned to smile at the boy, she caught him ogling her He was looking her over in that heated way she was all too familiar with. This was a high school kid — not the collegiate male or older man she was used to — but could sense his ardent interest in her body.

Slipping past him to return to her station at the entrance desk, she deliberately brushed her hand accidentally against the obvious bulge in his jeans. ‘He must have enough cock crammed in there for at least three women,' she thought to herself, giving him a parting shot of her wiggling butt and failing to resist a glance over her shoulder back at him.

Sure enough. He was gawking at her... but turned quickly back to his books when she caught his gazing eyes.

Once at her desk, Lizzy just couldn't manage to sit still. That was for sure the closest she'd come to a male, any male — since arriving in this two-bit town. She couldn't believe she'd been so foolish as to dare brushing her fingers over the guy's cockbulge! She'd done it totally without any thought, as if a young girl back in high school and teasing one of the football players who tried getting into her sweet panties. She fully understood the dangers involved in teasing a young library visitor, especially when that visitor was some innocent young high school boy. She was quite sure he was still a virgin — one of those Southern Baptist, clean living, young athletes from nowhere USA who spent their entire high school careers taking cold showers... to cool off their natural urges. She figured his age to be at least eighteen.

‘Lizzy, you absolutely can't mess around with him,' she thought to herself, growing moist in her panties. ‘I don't dare. I could easily lose my meager job — or worse. That young boy is unconditionally forbidden, so forget him now.'

She stood up from her desk and headed back over to the biology book shelves. ‘Forbidden, huh?' she thought. ‘We'll just need to see about that!'

Yes, she fully understood exactly what she was doing. Yet, no way could she begin to stop herself — didn't even want to try stopping herself. Her loins throbbed with wanton desire and she felt as if she needed to devour the young boy.

"Finding what you need?"



Can Lizzy keep the old buzzard Ms. Forsythe from catching her with her panties down? The lusty gal learns there's more between the book stacks than dusty old tomes when she applies for a librarian position in a tiny Southern town after learning her three girlfriends work there too. ‘Shhh! Indecent Librarian' is a standalone 2nd in the Bugtussle series, after ‘Daddy's Strip Search'.

eBook TAGS    Cougar on the Prowl, MILF Seduction, Barely Legal Cub, High School Virgin Guy, Foot Fetish, Sex in the Library, Anal & Oral Sex, Lesbian, Erotica, Group & Menage Sex


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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