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Father Daughter Incest w/Golden Showers

Title:  Sexual Awakening

Series: Daddy And Sunny No.1

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  22,297 Words

ISBN:  LC4610005

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3D Ebook Cover - Sexual Awakening - Daddy And Sunny No.1 - by Lolly Pope

Sexual Awakening


She was sleeping soundly on my bed, naked, beautiful, and sexy. My eyes roamed her body, up and down. Only her calves and feet were tangled in my sheets. The rest of her was completely uncovered. She was lying on her belly, her small tits squashed on the mattress, her right hand under the pillow like she was trying to stop herself from sucking on her thumb. Her other arm was underneath her. I loved watching her sexy little butt. Her legs are spread, her right bend from the knee, so I can see her perfect cunny. It glistens with hot juices in the morning light.

I stifled a long moan as I look at her. I’d been lying on the bed next to her, my head braced on my hand. Unconsciously my free hand slid down to grip my hard throbbing cock and stroked it slowly. I had a feeling I wasn’t gonna have the patience to wait for her to wake before I got too needy. Last night she was too tired for a fuck and she only gave me a hot blowjob, while I used my fingers to play with her fluffy little pussy. That’s why it glistened in the morning sun, because she didn’t take a shower after our time together.

Biting my lips, I got up and circled the bed, to reposition on the other side and stretch my body on her back. Her nice warm body was long and lean and very nicely tanned. No marks - the benefits of having a private beach in the back yard and a pool in front of the house. Very slowly, I snaked my arm under her to cup her tit and squeeze it a little, while I kiss her nape and rub my painful erection on her ass, between her round buttocks. Her nipple grew between my fingers. Too bad I couldn’t suckle on it.

She moaned and I grinned with my lips pasted on her beautiful honey skin. I moved my ass a little lower until my dickhead slid between her wet folds. God! I absolutely adored her pussy. Stifling another groan, I pulled my hand free, took hold of my hard member once more, and started rubbing it on her slit. Up and down and up and down.

“Mmm, daddy!”

I braced on my right hand, rose, and looked closely at her face. She was still asleep. Maybe she was dreaming.

Grinning again, I wet my dickhead even more on her cunny and prepared to fuck her. Normally, I would have taken my time with this, caressing her beautiful body, sucking on her sexy little tits, then kissing my way down to her fine snatch and eat it until she’d come all over my face. Only after that I would put my cock in her, fuck another two or three orgasms out of her, and breed her. Oh, yeah, I came inside her tiny cunt every time I found myself in there. I suppose I should call myself lucky because she hadn’t had her period yet.

But this morning, this morning I was way too horny, way too desperate to wait for her to wake and lose more time on the prelude. And anyway, we could consider last night a prelude. So, without any other preparation, I slowly pushed my whole length into her channel.

“Ooohhh!” I couldn’t help my moan this time as I watched my eight inch tool penetrating my daughter’s little pussy. “Oh, Sunny! Daddy loves you so fucking much!” I whispered, closing my eyes and drawing my cock out.

I was braced on both my arms now, looming over her but connected to her through my long throbbing dick.

“Daddy?” her voice was drowsy, still sleepy.

“Yes, baby. Daddy’s here.” I replied in a small voice while I kept pumping into her tight body. “It’s okay, baby. Just close your eyes and let Daddy feel good, okay?”

“Ooooh, Daddy!”

In time, I increased my rhythm, knowing that she was awake now. Sunny enjoyed being fucked; she loved cock and especially my cock. It took me a while to be able to fit eight inch of hard thick meat in such a tight pussy, but I sure wasn’t sorry about it. Inside her it felt heavenly good. She was warm and silky and amazingly wet. However, no matter how wet she was she still felt unbelievable tight around my fuck meat.

She was moaning and groaning every time I pushed in her pussy, her sounds muffled by the pillow. They were sexy and made me incredible horny.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good!” I praised her, then licked my lips because they felt suddenly too dry. “Daddy loves this, baby. Oh, yeah! Fuck, Daddy loves this! Yeah, you little slut! You love it, too, don’t you?”

Sunny moved her body a little to her left, stretching her leg. I moved with her so that I could keep the angle of the fucking just right.

“Oh, yes, Daddy!”

“Yes, you do! Fuck! You’re Daddy’s little whore, aren’t you, Sunny?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

I pumped her harder. She liked it hard and deep and rough. I always provided.

“And you love Daddy’s dick in your pussy!” I heaved. Dirty talking made me crazy with lust. Unfortunately it was getting me close faster than I would have liked.

“I love Daddy’s dick in my pussy!” she whispered, through short breaths and moans of pleasure. I could see her little hands fisting the sheets as I pounded her from behind.

She was used to me and my hard cock. She knew how to use her pussy muscles, how to milk me and how to make me explode my load all over her insides. While I was busy rocking my hips and fucking her, Sunny decided to help me a little and began contracting her cunt on me.

“Shit, baby! Oh, God, Sunny, yeah! Keep doing that and Daddy’s gonna seed you very soon, darling!”

My skin was crawling with tingles and hot pleasure. The adrenaline pumping through my veins was absolutely out of this fucking world and I didn’t wanna fill her cunt yet. Not yet. I had to make her come. She loved coming on my tool. I loved it, too; immensely.  But, this morning I was out of control. I was just a fucking animal that needed to breed and a needy man who needed his dose of sperming a nice hot cunt.

Sweat was pouring off my forehead on her back, but I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t. I wanted to come. My pace grew even more. My balls were slapping her ass as I shagged her making sweaty wet noises that I found mouth watering.

“Daddy’s close, baby! Oh, Daddy’s so close!” I whimpered.

My eyes kept crossing with the impending pleasure. I tried to postpone my orgasm just to prolong this amazing feeling, the feeling of penetrating my little girl’s pussy and fucking it until I could dump my load right inside it.

“You want Daddy to breed you, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She replied on a low groan.

“Of course you do, you little slut!” I muttered. “Beg for it!” I asked and shoved my cock deep into her cunny.

“Please!” she cried out.

“Daddy loves it when you beg for seed. Ooooh!”

I thrust hard three more times then I felt the pleasure chocking me, my eyes rolled back into my skull this time and my balls tightened, pushing the sperm up through the urethra.

“You ready, baby girl? You ready for it?”


“Here it comes, baby! Oooooh!” I stopped moving while my cock spewed rope after rope of hot cum in her tight body. I trembled and panted above her until my nuts dried and her little cunny overflowed with white seed.

“That’s a lot, Daddy!” Sunny giggled looking up at me over her shoulder.



I love my daughter very much. I love her like a father would love any of his kids. But as years went by and she grew up, and after she discovered my secret passion for watersports, she started teasing me. And I'm only a man after all. I developed some strange feelings for Sunny and soon after that we ended up doing taboo things. Find out how much more I love her now!

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