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Mother Son Incest & Romance Novels

Title:  Sex Therapist

Series:  N/A

Author: M.F. Paul

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  10,871 Words

ISBN:  9781311601759

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3D Ebook Cover - Sex Therapist - by M. F. Paul

Sex Therapist


Carla leaned closer to kiss me. “This sounds so hot, Alan. I mean it must have been a little frightening for you when there was clearly no obstacle for you. She was saying yes, yes, I want to.”

“It was, and I was just in the scene, you know? Like I was floating in the current in a river, just carrying me along.” My hand was tracing along Carla’s breasts and side, my eyes down, remembering.

“And you liked the ride.”

“I sure did. And then I was kissing her and feeling her breasts and pulling her bottom against me. No resistance from her. None. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.”

“Mom asked, ‘Right here?’”

“I didn’t answer, just pushed her to the wall. Her arms were around my neck. I reached under her skirt and pulled her panties to one side and got my cock at her opening. Then pushed about half way in. I pulled her against me and she wrapped her legs around me and I pushed in the rest of the way, as deep as I could. I was bumping her up against the wall, fucking up into her really as hard and as fast as I could, and she was saying ‘Oh honey, yes.’ I can’t remember if I was saying anything to her or not. I just can’t remember.”

“Of course you can’t remember... you were caught up in the moment.”

“All I could think of was the feel of her body and her pussy holding me and being aware of her passion. You should have seen her, her expression. I’d never seen her like that. She was moaning, her head swaying, eyes almost closed, saying sort of guttural stuff. I pretty much exploded into her, the hardest I can remember, not slowing down but I wasn’t satisfied so I let her down and pulled her after me up the stairs to her room and almost tore her clothes off and mine too and we were on the bed. I was still hard and I got into her again as soon as I could and fucked her as hard as I could. We were fucking each other furiously all night long.”

“Such a passionate lover, Alan.”



Alan, a 19 year old student, and his attorney mother have been having very hot sex for several weeks when suddenly, to his great alarm, he loses his ability to perform in spite of his continuing desire for her. His Mom, equally alarmed, hires Carla, a therapist she and other lawyers use on occasion when their cases require an expert opinion. The story shows how Carla helps Alan solve this problem and gets him and his Mom back together. Carla may be a little over the top but, as the reader will see, she gets results.

eBook TAGS    Mom Son Sex, Mother Son Incest, Erection Trouble, Expert Therapy, Family Exotica


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