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Incest in Non-Fiction

Title:  Sex, Lies and the Bible

Series:  N/A

Author: Francis D. "Frank" Ritter

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Candid Press

Language: English

Length:  71,969 Words

ISBN:  9780970635136

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3D Ebook Cover - Sex, Lies and the Bible, by Francis D. "Frank" Ritter

Sex, Lies and the Bible


ONCE UPON A TIME... We lived and loved openly and freely. That was a time, actually, not that long ago, before controllers decided that human sexual desires, proclivities and actions had to be subjugated. These “controllers” decided that they knew better than God and Christ, what sexual activity humans should be allowed to engage in, and to what extent that activity should be enjoyed. They decided that masturbation, adultery, prostitution, incest, homosexual activity and bestiality were unnatural and sinful. Moses started it by condemning all six, but unlike those to follow, he had a very specific need for these laws.

Of the Mosaic Laws Christ passed onto us, only those against lust and adultery were of a sexual nature, proving that Christ did not want our sexuality controlled. St. Paul, however, did. So, never having heard Christ preach, Paul reinstated the sexually repressive Mosaic Laws that plague us to this day.

“Controllers” are lying to us, and I'm tired of it! Are you? Did you know that all New Testaments are copyrighted, meaning they must be at least 20% different from each other? Not different from Scriptures, but from each other! In Matt. 15:15-19 Christ lists sins. In 400CE Jerome added "immoralities" to that list. In 1611 "immoralities" was changed to "fornication" by the creators of the King James Bible. In the 1980s, “fornication” became "sexual immoralities.” Bible publishers are creating these so-called “sins,” for the sole purpose of controlling us! This book attacks those controllers and urges all to live their sexual lives the way we were intended to live them. This does not mean a freedom to sexually plunder whom one pleases, but rather the freedom to enjoy our own sexual proclivities as long as those actions do not harm anyone else, be it human or animal. Read the truths about the six human sexual proclivities and activities that are “condemned” in the Bible . . . condemnations created and proclaimed by men, not by God or Christ.


For 2,000 years the Catholic Church erroneously said masturbation, "the sin of Onan," would send us to hell. The Church misinterpreted the Bible passage, but finally said “Oops!” in 1965 by reversing its collective mind.


Our ancient males and females were very incestuous. While the Old Testament does not condemn father/daughter incest, Christ did not condemn any form of incest.


According to both the Old Testament and the Gospels, married couples attending orgies were not committing adultery, and today’s “swingers” are not committing adultery either.


Neither Mosaic Law nor Christ condemned prostitution, and St. Thomas Aquinas said it was necessary. According to the Old Testament and the Gospels, prostitution is neither evil, nor a sin.


Contrary to St. Paul’s haranguing, God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual perversions; and contrary to “controllers” lies, humans are not either heterosexual or homosexual. Much middle ground exists and was judiciously lived by the ancients.


Animals cannot do anything against their natures, yet certain animals actively seek many forms of sexual contact with humans, and Christ never condemned it.

A psychologist once stated that we cannot be told the truth of our sexuality because our minds are being controlled by those with anti-sexual activity agendas. Read the detailed truth of your sexuality here, as never before so explicitly written.



It details Moses’s 6 anti-sex laws, why he wrote them & why Christ ignored them. It challenges St. Paul, who never heard Christ preach, and examines later biblical sexual changes & their negative impact on us now. Given the high rate of teenage suicides owing to their sexual confusion caused by anti-sexual religious harangues, this book may be one of the most important books written this century. Find out why incest is okay with God!

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