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When Leah went for a late-night swim in the pond on the back of her property, the only thing on her mind was exhausting the pent-up energy keeping her awake. Diving into the cool waters, she managed a few laps before her life was turned upside down by the most unlikely of sources. Lifted out of the pond by powerful tentacles, and positioned on dry land, she watched as several figured emerges from the trees.

Alien Sex Erotica

Title: Sex Invaders of the Tentacle Kind

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  22,209 Words

ISBN:  LC8500009

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3D Ebook Cover - Sex Invaders of the Tentacle Kind - by Crimson Rose

Sex Invaders of the Tentacle Kind


Leah jumped back as a sleek metal ship appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the field of grass and wild flowers. Sixty feet long nose to tail and forty at the widest part of the wings, it looked as aerodynamic as an arrow and as high-tech as anything she had seen in any science fiction movie.

“Holy shit! That your pod?”

“It is.” Speaking another alien word, an invisible door dropped open revealing a set of stairs leading up into a well-lit interior. “Come, we must get you back to the ship for observation and testing. “Don’t worry, there won’t be any more anal probing,” Ul’Than grinned.

“As much as Jo’Brill’s tentacle cocks stretched me open I don’t think that’ll be much of an issue anymore,” Leah replied as she boarded the alien pod. Having no idea what she was looking at other than some flashing lights and a sophisticated computer console, she took a seat and began nervously chewing her lower lip. “So, this is really happening? I mean, I’m actually aboard an alien pod getting ready to fly off into space to a much larger ship? I’ve really been bred by an alien and am carrying seven of your, um, eggs in me?” she asked looking down at her bulging belly. “This isn’t just a bizarre dream?”

“This is as real as it gets I’m afraid. We are headed to our ship and in eleven months you’ll give birth to seven members of a new species. Exciting, isn’t it?”

“That’s one word for it. So, how long is this flight going to take?”

“Approximately fifteen of your earth hours. If you wish to pass the time more quickly you can always engage in some more mating.”

“I think I’ve been mated enough for one day thank you very much. Besides, I don’t think I can hold any more of your eggs inside of me. Man, the more I say it, the more fucked up it sounds. You’re not seriously going to keep me on your ship for the next eleven months are you? I mean, I do have a life back on earth. Family and friends that will notice my absence.”

“Tell them you were abducted by aliens,” Jo’Brill said with a shrill sound Leah could only assume was alien laughter.

“Not funny. I’m being serious. I can’t just leave everyone to worry about me like that. I need to contact them, tell them I won’t be around for a while.”

“I’m afraid we can’t allow that at this time. If it ever slipped you’re pregnant with alien babies before we’re ready to announce ourselves to your world things might not go so well for everyone involved. You will be well taken care of aboard ship. You’ll want for nothing.”

“Except home,” Leah sighed. “How long before you’re ready to announce yourself to earth?”

“I’d say no more than five earth cycles.”


“Five years.”

“FIVE YEARS!? NO! Absolutely not! Take me back to earth right now and find another woman to abduct!”

eBook TAGS    Domination & Submission BDSM, Alien Sex Erotica, Hucow LactoSlut,  Gang Bang, Golden Showers, Fisting, Sci-Fi Fantasy


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