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Multiple Partners, Public Sex Erotica

Title:  $ex in $in City

Series:  Consequences No.4

Author: Dee Dawning

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  New Dawning Bookfair

Language: English

Length:  19,328 Words

ISBN:  LC4300023

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3D Ebook Cover - Sex in Sin City - Consequences No.4 - by Dee Dawning

$ex in $in City


We arrived to the Scottsdale Airport terminal at one-forty, with twenty minutes to spare. The Prince's right hand man, Fahd Barakah, met us and escorted us to Las Vegas. Fahd apologized for the prince not being there. It seems to pass the time he got involved in a game of Chemin de fer and lost 6.7 million dollars, so he sent Fahd instead, because he was trying to recoup his loses.

We flew to Vegas in Prince Salam's tricked-out Gulfstream 650, which according to Fahd cost 89 million dollars. I was shocked. I had no idea private planes cost that much.

The fight was uneventful and we arrived at McCarran Executive Air Terminal at 1:45 pm—earlier than we left due to the time difference.

From there a stretch limousine zipped us the two miles to the Galaxy Hotel where Romano greeted us effusively, especially me. After embracing me and kissing my cheek, he said, "Ah, April. I'm so glad you came. I have been so looking forward to seeing you again." He winked. "I remember our time together at the Phoenician most fondly."

I remembered too. I remembered how handsome he was/is and how much he turned me on. "It's good to see you again, too. I'm looking forward to working in Vegas again."

Romano's eyebrows rose. "Again? I wasn't aware you had worked here before."

A flush surged through me. "Oh, it was for only two weeks when I was in college."

"I see. Well I'm sorry I missed you then." He chuckled. "You might never have gone back to Phoenix." His eyes wandered to Lita, who stood between me and Randy. "And who is this lovely creature?"

"Oh! This is Lita. Lita this is…I'm sorry but I don't know your first name."

"It's Julio. I seldom use it, everyone calls me Romano, but you can use either name."

"Lita, this is Julio Romano and Julio, this is Lita Brooks."

Lita did a half curtsy. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Romano."

"Please, please. Julio or Romano. We are going to be famiglia around here." He took Lita's hand, raised it chest high then leaned down and kissed the top. "Lovely name for a lovely creature. I hope we can get to know each other real good.

As Lita blushed, Romano lowered her hand and held out his hand to Randy. "And you are?"

"Randy Evers." Randy took the offered hand and shook it.

"Romano…or Julio, if you prefer. You are the impresario, no?"

Randy laughed. "I've been called many things but never that."

Romano laughed too. "Well my friend, you have a nose for beautiful women. Counting Lita, I have beheld three. How many more gorgeous courtesans do you have for us?"

"Only one of the quality you want."

Romano's eyes narrowed. "Oh, you must keep your talented nose, ears and eyes out for more. We can always put beautiful women to work."

Addressing everyone Romano then asked, "Have you eaten?"

Randy Lita and I shook our heads. "Only an early breakfast."

Romano stuck his arms out and lolled his head back. "Then you must be starved. "Let's go in the hotel, get you a room and we'll meet for dinner after you freshen up. Perhaps the Prince will be done with his foolishness by then."

While Randy went with Romano to check on the Prince, we took an elevator to the thirty-second floor where our suite—suite 3206 was located. Romano insisted we take a suite that was saved for high rolling VIPs. Lita and I decided to share one bedroom though we'd probably all end up in the same extra-king sized bed. If Randy wanted to be by himself or if he picked up a show girl, He could have the bedroom that adjoined the suite, but also had it's own entrance.

The three of us were supposed to meet Romano and Prince Salam at five-thirty in the Alpha Centauri gourmet room for what Romano described as a 'gastronomic orgy'.

Randy suggested we pull out all stops and look our very best for the occasion. Lita and I agreed. This was the big leagues and the stakes were high. If we pulled it off our lives would change like we never imagined.



Opportunity presents itself in, of all places--Las Vegas. Randy and his girls are flown to Sin City on a corporate jet and after being wined and dined and...ah...other things are offered the opportunity to host that Summer's Adult Pool Parties at the Galaxy & Eden Hotels.

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eBook TAGS    Menage/Multiple Partners, Bisexual, Interracial Sex, Sex with Strangers, Partner Swapping, Mile High Club Sex, Lap Dances, Fisting

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