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Wayne Waverley, a journalist, had a car accident on his way to Singapore airport, the day he was called back to England; and taken to the nearest hospital, he had the chance to meet Elizabeth Hamilton his devoted nurse. She happened to be the true love he never had. Discovering quickly that he had no chance to make love again, he decided to fulfill her demanding sex addiction by accomplishing her own personal whims, as it was his own.

Lesbian Erotica

Title:  SENSO

Series:  N/A

Author: Tracy Frances

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Tracy Frances at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  12,520 Words

ISBN:  LC7100007

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - SENSO - by Tracy Frances



Once in her apartment, with no words, her excitement rising, Liz unbuttoned her blouse, showing her black bra that she unclipped, and let the flimsy garment free her two bouncing breasts. The young girl, instinctively, gazed at Liz brown nipples and suckled them two into her mouth, salivating all around them. Liz shut her eyes down, reveling in the beautiful sensation of her own lust, the pleasure of lesbian sex. Laid on the floor, the fear to be with a stranger rose inside her, as the girl began to stroke the soft flesh of her breasts. Then she began to move down toward her cunny. Liz stiffened, as the girl’s eyes were looking into hers while sucking. Back to her chest, she stuck her mouth to one tit, and started licking the long brown nipple. Soft moans of pleasure escaped from Liz’ throat as the young girl pressed her mouth harder.

“Do you like it,” the young girl said, whispering.

Sliding back down the length of Liz’ body, she spread her cunny apart with her fingers and sucked the wet pink inner meat and pressed her tongue deeply inside.

“Oh, yes, keep sucking like it.”

Liz moaned and moaned, as the young woman’s tongue rocked from her cunny to her clit and to her ass crack. Liz sighed softly as the meaty flesh wormed in and out her back door.

“Take this flog on the wall, please I want you to thrash my ass.” Liz said, half ordering, afraid of her reaction.

Feeling the girl quivering, the girl took the whip from the wall and came back. With a swift movement, she thrashed down the instrument across Liz butt, making her rave and cry with passions and pain. Red stripes started to appear on Liz’ milky derrière, waiting for the second blow impatiently, and then the third… the fourth, until she was all excited and damped between her legs.

“Suck my brown eye again, baby,” she implored. “You’ve now awaken my anal desire.”

The woman put the whip aside, and tongued Liz cunny and rear.

“Oh, yes, that’s marvelous. I want to feel your whole tongue. Insert it in my back passage.”

“You’ve got a tight hole back there.”

Then after having salivating around the tight aperture, she drove two fingers into Liz rectum, enlarging it to the limit and massaging her inner walls.

“Keep it on, I’m all wet.”

Liz wailed like mad, under the woman’s touch, shaking her body violently to orgasm. But there was better to come. Liz fished a dildo into her bag, and smeared it with her thick saliva, and handed it to the young woman.

Gently, she pushed the fake phallus in, opening Liz asshole to the extreme.

“Mmmmm,” Liz moaned, massaging her cunny in the same time.”

Her clitoris kept throbbing in response as she moved up and down the member in Liz, enlarged butthole, as she was rubbing her clit in the same time.

“Oh my goodness,” Liz cried, as the dildo slipped deep into her ass. “I’m coming, it’s wonderful.”

Liz had never experienced such peaks of sexual arousal and orgasm with a female. Feeling the burning pleasure between the globes of her rear.

eBook TAGS    Lesbian Sex, LGBT Bondage BDSM, Anal Sex, Hardcore Erotica, Mature Lovers, Voyeurism


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