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Barely Legal Girls in Erotica

Title:  Screwing My Best Friend's Dad

Series:  N/A

Author: J.M. Christopher

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  J.M. Christopher

Language: English

Length:  7,694 Words

ISBN:  9781476262932

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3D Ebook Cover - Screwing My Best Friend's Dad, by J.M. Christopher

Screwing My Best Friend's Dad


With the tapered end sticking out between my fingers I brought it down to the top of my already wet pussy. When the plastic touched me for the first time it took everything I had to stifle the groan I so desperately needed to let out. I rubbed it up and down along my slit, not penetrating myself at all. Hell, I didn’t need to. As horny as I was, I knew that with the simple rubbing I would be able to bring myself off.

After a few seconds of exploring my slit from top to bottom with my new best friend, I started working it more vigorously along my slit. The faster I moved it, the greater the sensation. Without even meaning to, I found my other hand lifting my tanktop to expose my breast. My hand then played with my nipple while I fucked myself on the dildo.

Yes, I knew I would have to do something about my pesky virginity eventually. I just wanted the right guy to do it to me. Someone who could make it good. Someone I knew would be gentle with me.

Yeah, gentle. Unlike how I was quickly sliding the dildo along my slit at that moment. Each quick stroke was bringing me ever closer to the orgasm I needed. And it took much of my concentration not to just yell out in ecstasy. I couldn’t imagine a real dick making me feel any better than Ashley’s dildo was doing at that moment.


I scrambled, dropping the dildo beside me and pretending to be asleep as Ashley’s bedroom door opened. I knew it was Ashley’s father. I figured he was just peeking his head in to check on us. But when the door closed, I realized he hadn’t left.



The last weekend before they all go to college, Ashley has her two best friends, Katie and Becca over for a sleepover. During the night, Ashley's dad sneaks into the room and has sex with his daughter, thinking the other girls are asleep. But Becca witnesses the event and gets so horny, she needs to get off. Sneaking into the bathroom, Ashley's father follows. Reluctant at first, Becca submits her virginity to her best friend's dad.

eBook TAGS    Barely Legal, Older Man w/ Young Girl Sex, Father Daughter Incest, Virgin Defloration, Family Exotica, Erotic Adult Fantasy


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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