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Father Daughter Incest & BDSM Erotica

Title:  Sarah's Stuffed Toys

Series:  N/A

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  25,780 Words

ISBN:  9781310254710

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3D Ebook Cover - Sarah's Stuffed Toys, by Baron LeSade

Sarah's Stuffed Toys


She could only fantasize about her knight in shining armor, but playing with her toys was a whole different matter, she giddily told herself, looking over the line of them sitting on the shelf just waiting for her to call on them.

“Are you busy, Teddy?” Sarah coyly asked as she picked the stuffed bear and held him against her chest.

“Never too busy for My Lady,” the furry, little bear giggled, pawing at Sarah’s breasts through her thin, almost transparent nightie with its wooly, little paws.

Of all her toys, Teddy was her favorite. He was the first one her Father had given her and he had shown her the secret attribute all of the stuffed toys possessed. And he had been the first to introduce her to what he referred to as “Sex!”

Before Teddy, “Sex” was just something she had read about in books and on the internet, but she had never dreamed “Sex” could be so much fun, that is until Teddy came along.

It all started one stormy night, under her bedcovers, in the dark privacy of her room. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed in the distance and she had brought Teddy to bed with her for company to make the storm seem less frightening. During the process of getting into bed and snuggling up to Teddy, her nightie had somehow gotten pulled up around her waist. As usual, Sarah rarely wore anything but her nightie and four-inch, spike high heels which did wonderful things to her long, shapely legs. They made her feel sexy and one never knew when her Knight In Shining Armor might magically appear. And she never ever wore panties to bed. It was just too much trouble and sometimes she liked to touch herself down there on her Happy Place, down there between her legs. Watching the lightning in the distance flash on and off, she began to softly rub Teddy against her belly and her Happy Place. He was so soft and fuzzy, it felt so good.

After a while she thought she felt him twist in her hands. But how could that be, she curiously wondered? He wasn’t alive. He was a stuffed toy. Then the toy twisted again and she felt something cold and wet brush against her belly. What was happening? Maybe she had drifted off to sleep and she was dreaming it, she woozily thought. Then just below the cold, wet thing, she felt something warm and wet touch her. What was going on, she frantically wondered?

Letting go of the toy, she felt the warm, wet thing slowly move down over her tummy. What was it doing? How could it be doing anything? It was a stuffed toy. Reaching down, she timorously peeled back the sheet to see if she could see what was happening. As she did, she saw that her teddy bear seemed to be nuzzling her tummy. And wait, the warm, wet thing must be its tongue. It was licking her! And the cold, wet thing must be its nose.

This is crazy. How could a stuffed toy come alive? And why was it licking her? Was it a he…or a she? If the toy had a tongue, did it have teeth, too? Was it going to eat her? It was a bear, after all, wasn’t it? A Teddy bear! She was afraid to move. Afraid to even breathe.



Was her long, blond hair too long? It hung down almost to the middle of her back framing her pretty face. Maybe it was her face, she told herself. If she wanted to, she could have easily passed for a thirteen year old…if it wasn’t for her breasts, her lithe, slender body and her long legs. Maybe she just looked too young.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Glory Hole Spying, Young Toy Magic, Family Exotica


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