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Barely Legal Romance Novel

Title:  Runaway Troubles

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,487 Words

ISBN:  LC5300005

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Runaway Troubles - by Amicus

Runaway Troubles


She strides confidently into my arms, “Uhm, oh, but I don’t know how to dance?”

I smile down at her, “I am betting you do know how to dance…”

“But I never danced at all before…”

“Take my hand, put your other hand here, feel my hand on your back…”

As I lean slightly forward she steps back and gasps; as I lean to the right, she moves to her left and wide-eyed, steps forward as I step back.

“I don’t believe this, Carly, look! I’m dancing with a man!”

It isn’t perfect, but we danced, almost, until the music stops and I keep my arms around her. Her chest is heaving, her face pink and she is trembling head to toe.

Her eyes go wide again as I run my hands slowly up her back into her hair and gently nudge her forehead to my lips and touch her.

She pulls back… “You kissed me?”

I smile and kiss her cheek and then the other, then her jaw and keep on - to her neck and her ear and let my hands explore her arms and back until she gasps and steps away.

Carly laughs, “He hasn’t even done any thing yet, you silly twit!”

“I can’t get my breath! Here, big sister, you try!”

* * * *

A day goes by, then another and another. I try not to, but I do, walk down the dusty gravel road past their house, listening and looking.

No runaway chickens as an excuse to go there either. I am sad and somehow empty inside. I need to focus and concentrate and put them behind me.

Another day, I get some writing done and some research and some planning; back into my groove, or, rut, more likely. I keep looking for a stray chicken in my garden, but not a thing…

I have the music on; one of the albums Joni liked, Carly liked other  things. My ears perk up and my head turns toward as small, ‘click’, sound outside. Then nothing. I go back to the keyboard and then the sound comes again, ‘click -  click,’ this time.

I yawn, stretch and walk to the door; some times a bird makes a sound like that, pecking on the tin roof over the porch. I flip the light on, pull the curtains back and, OH, NO! DAMN!

Joni is curled up on the bottom step hitting a small stone against the concrete, I can see blood on her face from the doorway, GODDAMNIT!

I am quickly by her side, her eyes see me, she closes them and lets her breath flow out slowly. It seems like forever before she inhales, I am scared to the very depths of me.



Springtime in a rural area, it is time to plant a garden but a pesky rooster on the loose is pecking at newly planted seeds. A shy young girl in cut-off jeans chases the chicken down and discovers a light that brightens her dismal life. Nothing is free in this world, what price will she and her sister pay to find a life. What will it cost the one who helps?

eBook TAGS    Older Man, Barely Legal Young Girls, Straight Sex, Mild Girl on Girl, Action Romance


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