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Domination & Submission BDSM Erotica

Title:  Resisting Temptation

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  18,015 Words

ISBN:  LC7100009

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3D Ebook Cover - Resisting Temptation - by Crimson Rose

Resisting Temptation


“Are you absolutely sure this is the life you wish to lead?” Mother Superior asked the much younger woman sitting opposite her.

“Yes,” Mother Superior,” Tanya answered with resounding surety.

“Very well. In order to determine if you really have what it takes to be a nun here at the Sisterhood of the Veiled Heart, you will be put through a series of tests to see if you truly have what it takes to resist life’s temptations. Are you ready?”

“I am ready,” Tanya answered, a little less sure about her convictions than before. Unlike many who claim to hear God calling to them, she was doing it to get away from an abusive boyfriend who would do anything to keep her chained. Though she left him many times – each ending in a severe beating, she always returned when he started threatening her family and friends. Anyone harboring her was a target and she could no longer live with the prospects of being his slave, or if something happened to a loved one because she refused him. She had restraining orders. He spent time in jail, but nothing swayed his obsession for her.

This is the only place he will not find me, she thought as she followed the Mother Superior out of the room. More than three hundred miles from where she once called home, the Sisterhood of the Veiled Heart was well off the beaten path and no one knew where she was. Her last call to James was to tell him she was moving across country where he would never find her again. After threats of violence, she hung up on him and turned her phone off.

Walking through the convent, Mother Superior led the prospective nun to a locked door. “This is the point of no return, Tanya. If you go beyond this door you will not be able to leave until your trials are complete. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“Then please remove all of your clothing.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your clothing. Take it all off. You will not be needing it in there. If you are having doubts then perhaps this really isn’t the life you wish to live.”

“I…yes, Mother Superior,” Tanya said, taking off the nun’s gown and habit she had been wearing the better part of a month and handing it to the Mother Superior. Next went her bra, panties and shoes and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “What will I have to do in there?”

“It will be explained once you are inside. I will ask again, are you certain this is how you wish to spend the rest of your life?”

“It is.”

“Then enter, and let the trials begin,” the Mother Superior said, retrieving a ring of keys from the folds of her gown and unlocking the heavy door. Pulling it open, she stepped to the side and motioned the novice nun into the short corridor with stairs leading down at the opposite end.

Stepping into the hallway, Tanya jumped when the door closed and locked behind her. With no way to go but forward, she walked to the edge of the steps and peered down into shadow.



Running away from an abusive relationship, Tanya finds herself at the Sisters of the Veiled Heart – a remote convent in another state and far enough away from her ex that she finally felt safe. After a month of finding excused to stay, she decided to take the trials to become a nun. Having no idea what she was getting herself into, she descended the stairs into the underground, leaving behind her old life of fear and self-loathing for one filled.

eBook TAGS    Domination & Submission BDSM, hucow, body modification, humiliation, Lesbian Sex, fisting


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