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Barely Legal Boys & MILF Novels

Title:  Raping His Innocent Daughter

Series:  N/A

Author: ZondarTheBear

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  ZondarTheBear

Language: English

Length:  17,670 Words

ISBN:  LC3500004

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3D Ebook Cover - Raping His Innocent Daughter - by ZondarTheBear

Raping His Innocent Daughter

Authorís NOTE

As the title indicates, this is a fucked up story involving a man kidnapping and raping his eighteen-year-old daughter. You're here because you want to be here. Don't blame me if you continue to read this nasty fantasy and your feelings become...turbulent, you knew what you were getting into. And, in case you missed it, all characters in this story are at least eighteen years of age, maybe older, maybe not, but at least that old.


He dropped to his knees in front to his little girl and touched her on the leg. She screamed and jerked away, her fear echoing in his ears, but he was able to grab her ankle and pull her back to him. She screamed again and kicked out, her skirt flipping up and showing him her bald pussy, freshly shaved, as instructed. He caught her other foot squeezed, bringing a tiny yelp of pain to her brightly painted red lips. He twisted and pushed until her knees bent apart and her legs spread open for his hungry gaze.

Her little pussy was pure and naked, bald as the day she had been pulled, screaming, from her mother's terrifyingly stretched vagina. He wanted to plaster his mouth to her virgin slit, to ram his tongue into her body while she writhed in pleasure, but his need to finally be inside of her overwhelmed him and he fumbled with his pants as he held onto one of her flailing legs.

A moment later, his cock sprang free from his underwear and he fell on top of his little girl, pushing and kicking his pants down to his ankles as he moved. She grunted loudly as his weight forced the air from her lungs. He had a bottle of lubricant, to help ease the agony that he was about to force upon her innocent body, but he found that he was leaking so much fluids from the tip of his cock that he didn't need it.

The screams of her terror echoed in the small room and filled his ears as he lined his cock with her impossibly beautiful pussy, a mere slit between two plump lips that had called to his sick mind for so very long.

His pounding heart was filled with guilt, but he couldn't help himself. His weight held his grown-up child's thighs apart, spread almost to full splits by his wide hips. She beat at his chest with her tied hands until he simply leaned down and pinned them to her body.

They said he could take her as often as he wished, that they would wait patiently until he was finally finished, so this first time would be quick and dirty. He pressed his cock between her virgin lips, feeling them reluctantly part for his dripping manhood, and she shrieked in agony. The slippery liquid flowing from his throbbing head allowed him to ease the tip between her tightly closed lips. He felt resistance as her cherry did its best to protect her virginity, but it was obviously no match for his aching lust.

The tearing was slow and painful for her, but he needed this part to last, he had to feel...everything. He pushed, slowly, ever so slowly, letting gravity itself do most of the work, until he felt a tiny *pop* and his head finally tore through the weak bit of flesh that had, until that very moment, protected her innocent pussy from the kind of harm that he was inflicting on her.

Her sobbing howls of pure agony ripped through his head, making his heart pound with guilt and lust. Her virgin lips gripped his cockhead, folding and bending backwards as he pressed into her body, desperately trying to keep him out, but they eventually parted with a stuttering squeak, like a finger run across a wet dinner plate, and his entire head moved into her pussy.

Her tight channel spasmed hard around her father's invading cock as she continued to howl her pain and terror into the universe. He grunted as it squeezed him over and over and waited, his ass poised in the air, ready to move forward the moment it was time. Her back arched, trying to throw him from her tiny body, but he held on easily, her muscles no match for his weight.

They stayed locked together for several minutes, his cock just barely past her widely stretched lips, until she shuddered once and slumped down, just this side of passed out. Her legs flopped open and he smiled, enjoying the sight of her naked and vulnerable under his body.



The police had no idea where his little girl had been taken by her kidnappers, his wife had no idea either. He knew how he would find where they were, and he knew that he would finally have her when he got there. Her virgin pussy would be his. Her asshole, her mouth, every innocent thing she had been born with, torn from her by her very own father.

eBook TAGS    Sexual Violation, Virgin Disgrace, Forced Molestation & Abuse, Aggravated Rape, Bondage & Discipline BDSM, Pee & Urination, Humiliating Piss Play, Debased Watersports, Invasive Golden Showers


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