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Lesbian Romance Erotica

Title:  Punished By My Lesbian Coworker

Series:  Lesbian Romance Erotica No.2

Author: Roxie Moore

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  5,962 Words

ISBN:  LC7100012

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3D Ebook Cover - Punished By My Lesbian Coworker - Lesbian Romance Erotica No.2 - by Roxie Moore

Punished By My Lesbian Coworker


Working in a mostly male oriented office was tough, especially for a young woman like me. It wasnít that I disliked men, but I caught my coworkers peering down my blouse at every opportunity. The company dress code was a bit old fashioned, skirts for the ladies and full out suits for the men. Even with the strict standard, I struggled to find a blouse that would contain the swelling of my large bust, or a skirt that didnít hug my fleshy ass in a way that drew the attention of my coworkers. I always wondered how my female boss managed to get away with her pantsuits. Perhaps it was simply that no one would challenge her on the violation, or maybe it was the fact she was a known lesbian.

To her credit, my boss never brought attention to her sexual orientation. The office was just a place dedicated to getting things done. Though, on occasion, I caught her eyes lingering on my low-cut blouse and the teasing hint of my dark pink nipples beneath.

The fact my boss found my petite curves attractive enough to stare at stirred me in ways the males around me did not. I admit Iíd fantasied about her a few times after that. See, Iíd never been with a woman before. The idea of such a thing had never occurred to a small town girl like me. But now that it had, my silky lingerie was often soaked through while I sat helplessly at my desk.

I guess itís not too surprising then that my boss eventually noticed my interest in her. She never let on that she knew, but she started having me work later and later. After a few weeks of dancing around the attraction between us, she finally used her position of authority to break through my timid demeanor.

As a model employee, how could I risk subordination by disobeying my boss? She had her expectations, and one night, that included my full cooperation and submission!



Working in a mostly male office was tough, especially catching so many men peering down my blouse. The worst part? I couldnít help but notice my boss looking too! Now after making me squirm with my arousal slowly simmering she wants me to work late again and I think she intends to dominate me. This has always been my secret fantasy, but do I tell her Iíve never done this before?

eBook TAGS    Dominate lesbian boss, girl on girl, lesbian romance erotica, rough office punishment,first time virgin, humiliating possessive submissive, strap-on sex toy


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Relative Taboo

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