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Lesbian Romance Erotica

Title:  Punished By My Lesbian Best Friend

Series:  Lesbian Romance Erotica No.3

Author: Roxie Moore

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,058 Words

ISBN:  LC7100013

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3D Ebook Cover - Punished By My Lesbian Best Friend - Lesbian Romance Erotica No.3 - by Roxie Moore

Punished By My Lesbian Best Friend


The two of us shared an apartment together, only making the issue worse. I could feel the tension building between us. A part of me wanted to reach out to her, to tell her I knew the conflicted emotions she had to be going through, but I just didnít know how. To be fair, I had started to notice her too. Still, I wasnít about to act on a desire I didnít understand.

She was gorgeous, beautiful in ways most people wouldnít notice. I found myself constantly smiling when I was around her without entirely knowing why. Her laugh was contagious, and I simply found myself drinking from the well of her lightheartedly approach to life. In some ways, I suppose my best friend had always been somewhat of a temptation to me. There were times while masturbating in my bed that I imagined her catching me, joining me. Those orgasms soon turned into the most intense Iíd ever experienced. And still, I couldnít understand the thoughts running through my mind. She was my best friend and I was straight. I was off limits, until one day, she changed everything doing what I could not.

I happened to be awake before her, and had just started to relax on the living room couch with a cup of tea. She preferred coffee, and I had already started the coffeemaker. The smell drifted into the living room, and undoubtedly her bedroom as she soon came wandering in to the kitchen.

She looked beautiful in the morning, her hair all a mess. I loved seeing her so natural, so confident in just a large T-shirt and her cotton panties. A part of me couldnít help but stare as she fixed herself a cup of coffee. I must admit, I studied her the way she often admired me. As she moved around the kitchen, bending this way and that, I took note of her dampened panties. The wet crotch of her lingerie made me crave her swollen folds and explore the nectar within. Just knowing my best friend was horny made my cheeks flush. My body was responding to my observations and I found it absolutely confusing and humiliating.



Sharing an apartment with my lesbian best friend, I suppose itís only normal I started developing feelings toward her. Being straight though, I didnít think it was fair to tell her the conflict I felt at having a crush on another woman, let alone my best friend. Turns out, I should have known better because now she intends to punish me. Was being punished like this supposed to feel so good?

eBook TAGS    best friend crush, girl on girl, lesbian romance erotica, rough humiliating punishment, first time bisexual, domination submission sex, big strap-on cock


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