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Non-Consent, Rape, Force Novels

Title:  Public Bathroom Rape

Series:  N/A

Author: ZondarTheBear

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  ZondarTheBear

Language: English

Length:  6,500 Words

ISBN:  LC3500003

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3D Ebook Cover - Public Bathroom Rape - by ZondarTheBear

Public Bathroom Rape


She'd never had a cock in her mouth, or anywhere near her for that matter, but she'd had a few giggly conversations with her friends over the years and she did her best to remember the information that a few of the sluttier ones had dispensed.

He pushed his cock between her lips and was pleased when she quickly slipped them over her teeth. The heat of her young mouth enveloped his head and most of his shaft. He didn't know how long he would have with this little beauty so he grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her onto his cock.

His meat hit the back of her tongue, causing her to gag and heave; she swallowed several times, doing her best to avoid throwing up when the large head pushed into the tight entrance of her throat. He pulled hard on her head, forcing himself down, down, until her nose was pressed hard into his pubic hair. He held her there for a moment, reveling in the pure pleasure of having her entire mouth wrapped around his hard length, before easing his grip and letting her pull back to suck in a few desperate gasps of of dirty bathroom air.

I said, suck it, you little cunt. Like it's a sweet, hard candy.

She began a gentle sucking that made him moan. Her tongue slid along the underside of his shaft as she instinctively strove to bring all of this to a quick end. His hand pulled on her head and she began to bob up and down.

Her sucking mouth felt amazing on his stabbing shaft and it got even better when she began to lick at the bottom of his cock, He pushed back down her throat and fucked her hard a few times. The tight space squeezed his head and slid along the crown, causing a strong shudder to slide down his spine.

He knew that he would cum any second if he continued to fuck her face but he had better plans for his seed. She coughed and spit up a wad of saliva when he abruptly pulled out of her throat; she thought he was turning her so she could spit it onto the floor, but he wasn't. He continued to push on her shoulder, causing her to turn until her ass was pointed directly at his raging hard-on.

He flipped her short skirt up and aimed his cock at her pussy. The moment she felt the touch of his hard cock on her virgin pussy lips, she jumped and tried to pull away.

Before she could do more than twitch, he slammed the side of his fist into the middle of her back, causing her to gasp and drop to her knees, her chest impacting against the metal toilet that held her recently released urine.

She gasped as her breath was forced from her lungs. He went down with her and aimed his cock at her pussy once more. She wiggled in a vain attempt to keep her virtue intact, but all she succeeded in doing was coating his cockhead with her dripping pussy juices. He loved the feeling of her innocent cunt sliding all around on his cockhead, but he wanted more, much, much more.

With a growl of animal lust, he pulled her hips back and pushed his own towards her. Her pale, bald lips began to spread apart, letting the head of his cock slowly ease inside of her. The tip hit an unexpected obstruction and he paused, grinning to himself, before slowly pressing forward once more.

She sucked in a lungful of air but he slapped his hand over her mouth before the scream could erupt and possibly bring help. He pulled back on her tear-stained face while pressing down on her back at the same time. Her spine bent painfully as his hips continued to press, driving his cock into her body.

With an abrupt popping sensation, his cock tore through her cherry and he shoved his hips forward in one quick lunge, drilling into her pussy with everything he had.

Her panic gave her the strength that she needed to jerk away, but the metal toilet was in her way and he was able to hold onto her in spite of her intense struggles. The fight that she put up caused him to slide in and out of her torn, bloody cunt several times.



If only the door had locked automatically behind her. If only he hadn't caught a glimpse of her as she went in. If only... But it hadn't, and he did. Now she is covered in cum and urine, her entire body aching, and tears pouring from her eyes. If only he hadn't kidnapped her. If only she hadn't become pregnant with his child. If only... But she did, and now he will have to decide what to do with a pregnant girl, and her unborn baby.

eBook TAGS    Sexual Violation & Disgrace, Forced Molestation & Abuse, Agrivated Rape, Pee & Urination, Humiliating Piss Play, Debased Watersports, Invasive Golden Shower


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