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Watersports & Golden Showers Erotica

Title:  Piss Heaven

Series:  Wet Games At School No.4

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lolly Pope at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  15,042 Words

ISBN:  LC4610004

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3D Ebook Cover - Piss Heaven - Wet Games At School No.4 - by Lolly Pope

Piss Heaven


The day had begun perfectly, with me getting out of bed and falling right on my face after stumbling upon my dog, Frodo. I muttered swears words and profanities, glaring at it all the way to the bathroom. The dog just looked back at me with that innocent face, wiggling his tale just because I had talked to it. Now, donít get me wrong, I loved the pooch, but not at seven oíclock in the morning after a long night out partying. I had a head ache from Hell and my tongue felt like sandpaper.

Anyway, after the most needed shower and after shaving, I dressed for work, took the dog out for a very short walk, then got in my car and drove for work. I had woken up with a raging hard-on, but since I had set my alarm as late as I possibly could, I hadnít gotten the chance to deal with it and now it was pulsing grudgingly in my underwear. I wasnít married. And I didnít have a girlfriend. The last one ditched me two years ago after I had cheated on her. I had known back then that it was a bad move, but once I got horny and hot, I couldnít be stopped. Thatís why I opted to stay single from that moment on. I only had Frodo for company and more often than not my hand and my Fleshlight.

I did miss the pussies, of course. But I had a way of dealing with that. I could find an available woman to fuck whenever I wanted to, I just didnít always have the time.

My dick pulsed again in my pants. ďCalm down, you fucker! Iím gonna take care of you when we get to the office! Stop complaining, weíre not twelve years anymore!Ē

But it didnít stop complaining. Still, I couldnít stroke myself while I bought myself a huge cup of Orange Juice and a cup of black coffee. Usually, I didnít eat in the morning. I couldnít. I was like those pregnant women who got nausea after every breakfast. But I did drink the juice, a healthy habit that my mother taught me when she realized I couldnít keep anything else in my stomach in the morning.

By the time I got to my miserable office at the school where I worked as a security guy, I had drunk almost half of my juice and all my coffee. The computers were on and the screens were all showing images from the classes and the school premises. I had seen a lot of crazy things since I had started working here and I knew a lot of things too. Like those three wackos that thought nobody knew they fucked in the girlsí locker room after midnight. Oh, I knew. My co-worker Don and I had installed some new cameras around the building and we could see everything that was going on.

At least that morning, everything seemed to be fine. I plopped on my chair and booted up my own laptop, my mind already set on the movie that would help my nuts feel all better after a good wank. Before searching for my kind of porn on the internet, I remembered to lock the door.



Paul works as head security at a special school and he had the luck to discover something very interesting going on in the school basement two years ago, along with the principalís secret wet fetish. Which happens to be his fetish too! So instead of exposing her and the illegal headquarters of her club, he graciously accepts a full membership, starting with having some hot action in her office.

eBook TAGS    Watersports, Menage Sex Club, Drinking Piss Fetish, Golden Showers, Group Pee Sex, Taboo Erotica


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