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Family Sex & Incest Novels

Title:  Peter's Mother: Dorothy Flynn

Series:  The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn No.1

Author: Luca Satana

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Luca Satana

Language: English

Length:  4,145 Words

ISBN:  LC1600037

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3D Ebook Cover - Peter's Mother: Dorothy Flynn - The Implausibly Cruel Life Of Tall Thin Peter Flynn No.1 - by Luca Satana

Peter's Mother: Dorothy Flynn


Peter Flynn was in the midst of a lovely and wonderful dream. He was in a video game tournament. A major event. He was playing Super Jack. And he was nearing the world record. Then he suddenly awoke.

Peter opened his eyes and there she was, his mean ole mother, with her big soft lips bobbing up and down on his tall thin, 11-inch cock.

"Mother?" Peter exclaimed, embarrassed.

Dorothy Flynn, a sultry 48 year old woman with dark features and large breasts, dressed in only a bra and panties, quickly pulled Peter's long cock out of her mouth and said, "Happy birthday, my tall thin Peter!" Then she quickly recommenced her son's birthday blowjob.

It was the morning of Peter's 18th birthday.

Peter was a tall, thin boy, about 6'3", with a very low tolerance against adverse weather and germs and thus sickness. Given his frail way, Peter didn't lead a very usual life for a 18 year old boy. He didn't take part in outdoor activity, as far sports and whatnot. He preferred the indoors. And things that occurred indoors like watching movies, playing video games, and role-playing games. Most of these things he did with his best friend, Jerry Tyner, who lived further down their country road.

Unfortunately, Peter's mother, who was quite cruel and quite over-protective, didn't allow much time for Peter to do these things. She kept him busy with his home-schooling lessons, his abundant household chores or whatever else she wanted him to do in and around the house.  

As Peter lied there, his Mom still bobbing on his cock, Peter rolled his eyes, trying not to dwell on how good his mother's plump wet lips felt on his cock. Instead, he preferred to think about going to the Shazam Arcade in town and playing Super Jack and what it would be like to get the world record.

Then, to Peter's considerable dismay, his wild and wide-eyed sisters suddenly spilled into his room with various salutations and birthday sentiments. Or at least half of his sisters.

In total, Peter had 10 sisters. Rebecca 32, Lilly 30, Margot 29, Beatrice 27, Missy 26, Fiona 25, Daphne and Dylan 23, Chartreuse 21, and Simone 19.

In the room was Rebecca, Beatrice, Missy, and the twins Daphne and Dylan.

Peter's mother unmouthed his cock and sat up, laughing with some of his sisters, who were running around and jumping on Peter's bed. His sisters were dressed in various forms of sleep attire, mostly long shirts and panties or thin lacy nightgowns.

Then, one sister, Beatrice, stepped lightly over to Peter and lifted up her nightgown and slid herself and her juicy pussy down on Peter's tall thin cock. Beatrice's eyes widened, as she felt Peter's long cock rub up against places inside her she never knew existed. Already about to come, Beatrice immediately started riding her baby brother with reckless abandon. Peter's mother and his other sisters watched intently, laughing at times, seemingly over-excitedly, and seemingly at Peter's expense.

Peter's eyes widened.

"He's coming!" Daphne shouted and pointed, amused.

The other sisters repeated excitedly.

Beatrice leapt off Peter's long cock as his mother and 4 other sisters swooped in. As soon as they did, Peter's tall thin cock, which was contracting wildly, began to sputter, and erupted with a fountain of thick white cum, which his mother caught on her face and open lips. His sisters quickly swarmed in to lick the cum off their mother's face. Then Missy swooped in and grabbed Peter's long cock and jerked it hard until a powerful laser of cum painted her outstretched tongue. Missy moaned with excitement and pleasure and immediately swallowed the warm goo up. The twins finished Peter's cock off, sucking and jerking him until they each received one of his final shots of cum.



Tall Thin Peter Flynn was quite popular among his family members, first for being the only boy in the rather large family, and second for possessing an abnormally long and skinny cock, has finally turned 18! And right there to celebrate the occasion are his mean and controlling mother and his wild and wide-eyed sisters.

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