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Vintage 1976 Incest Erotica

Title:  Peeping Family

Series:  Greenleaf Classics PP-8001

Author: J.S. Bradley

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Peter Magnum Edition

Language: English

Length:  36,773 Words

ISBN:  LC1600110

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Peeping Family - by J.S. Bradley

Peeping Family


Robin slipped out of her bikini halter, sliding the skimpy garment down her arms and letting it dangle over Midnight's upturned nose, teasing him with it.

His tongue lolled from his mouth as he lay on the foot of her bed and snapped playfully at the halter, his tail thumping against the bed like a rug duster.

She teased him with the halter and then dropped it and bent down to hug him around the neck. Midnight whined and tossed his muzzle, licking her face and neck and the side of her arm wetly.

“What should I do, Midnight?” Robin asked him quietly. “I feel so different about Pete now. What should I do?”

Midnight's eyebrows winked alternately at her. His expression was solemn, as if he could understand what she was saying. His tongue came out and licked at the cone of her left tit, plucking under it and rippling over the nipple.

Robin felt another thrill go through her body. It had been like that all the rest of the afternoon and evening, just thinking about Pete's spurting prick, still feeling it inside her throat.

Logan had caught her eye several times, too—little reminders that he was going to make good on his word to pay her back later on tonight for getting Pete and her mother to quit talking.

Now, she didn't know what to do. She'd wanted Logan to fuck his big prick into her because Pete was such a clod. It wasn't that she liked Logan all that much. She didn't, really. But he was a fucker, and Robin was itching to be fucked.

Only now, Pete didn't seem like such a little boy any more. The way he'd held on to his boiling load until just the right moment had impressed her and made her think that maybe he had possibilities after all.

To tell the truth, after that episode in the guest house, Logan frightened her just a little. He'd been too intense. Too kinky. Too ready to make her do weird things.“Not by far, Mom!”

“Then do it! God, hurry up and do it!”

“Jesus, Mom!” he gasped.



A lonely widow of three years allows herself to be romanced by a man whose only interest in her is her money. Worse, Christine's family becomes involved — and victimized — by this unscrupulous con artist, and it is only through the timely intervention of her daughter's boyfriend that Christine is able to extricate herself from impending disaster, a sadder but wiser person and sexually used mom in the end.

eBook TAGS    Dog Bestiality, Father Daughter Sex, Mother Son Incest, Brother Sister Incest, Hardcore XXX Erotica


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The Original 1976 Cover