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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Patricia Gives Her Virginity to Her Daddy

Series:  N/A

Author: John E. Jay

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  John E. Jay at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  11,825 Words

ISBN:  LC1100247

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3D Ebook Cover - Patricia Gives Her Virginity to Her Daddy - by John E. Jay

Patricia Gives Her Virginity to Her Daddy


After the home group meeting Wednesday evening, John lay awake far into the night thinking about what he could do to find a way to enjoy sex more often than his wife was willing to let him enjoy the pleasures of her body. He didn’t think she would relent, he’d used every tactic he could think of to convince her that she should have sex with him more often with no success. So, he concluded that he wasn’t going to get any more sex from his wife than he was getting, which was much less than he wanted. He decided that the only way to have sex more often would be to find another, more willing, partner.

That conclusion set him off on a completely different train of thought, and he soon he had an inspiration. It occurred to him that he had several potential sexual partners, other than his wife, in his own family. He had a twenty-year-old daughter, another daughter nineteen, and one who would turn eighteen in a few months. He agonized for some time and eventually, and eventually decided to take a radical step. His daughter, Patricia, was twenty, and he thought she was ready for sex. He reasoned that the best way to avoid having her get pregnant by one of her brothers or some man who took advantage of her sexual vulnerability, would be to seduce her himself, and take care of all her sexual needs. Fucking his beautiful daughter, Patricia, would solve two problems at the same time.

He would get more sex, and he thought it would be wonderful sex, since his daughter was young and very attractive. He’d realized earlier that she was maturing into a very beautiful young woman he was attracted to sexually. He’d even had thoughts of fucking her, but he’d suppressed those thoughts. Now fucking her seemed to be the perfect solution to several problems, she would be satisfied sexually so she would stay with him instead of going to someone else for sex, he would be able to satisfy his own hunger for more sex, and Amanda would be happier since he wouldn’t be pestering her to have sex all the time.

He wondered why he hadn’t thought of fucking Patricia before. He’d always thought of fucking his daughters as incest, and that was strictly taboo, end of thought, but now, it seemed that it was clearly the ideal solution to his problem—and potentially hers too. He thought it could be the solution for all the other men in his home group as well. They all had daughters old enough to consent to have sex, and they were probably ready for sex.

Actually, he’d fantasied about fucking some of them himself. Abner’s twenty-year-old daughter, Hannah, was gorgeous and she looked at him the way Amanda had looked at him twenty-five years ago when she first began to want to have sex with him. He thought Hannah would jump into his bed if he gave her the chance, and he was beginning to consider asking her for sex. He wondered how Abner would feel about that. He thought he’d ask Hannah first and then worry about Abner if she was agreeable.



A Deacon in a church in a fundamentalist sect was dissatisfied with the amount of sex his wife was willing to give him. After talking with his peers and finding they had the same complaint, he asked his twenty-year-old daughter for sex. She was willing and they began a very satisfying sexual relationship. His younger daughter knew he’d had sex with her sister and wanted to have sex with him too.

eBook TAGS     Father Daughter Incest, Daddy Daughter Sex, Taboo Erotica, Forbidden Romance


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