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Father Daughter Incest Novel

Title:  Papa's Joy

Series:  A Wilder Short

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  36,411 Words

ISBN:  9781310309915

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3D Ebook Cover - Papa's Joy - A Wilder Short - by Surely Wilder

Papa's Joy


“Now, tell me the truth, has your father ever molested you?” He asked as he began taking off latex gloves. That relieved me a little, at least he had used protection.

“No... Never.” I stated as I began to regain some control, but it was difficult.  He had stopped just as I was building to a crushing orgasm.  I pulled on the chains holding my hands and feet to no avail. I couldn’t break free.

“Have you ever had romantic thoughts about your father?”

“What do you mean, romantic?”

“Have you ever looked at him and admired his physical appearance?” He asked as he began stroking my face delicately with the back of his hand so that the touch was somehow sensual.


“Have you ever wondered what it might be like to kiss him intimately?”

“Maybe when I was drunk and in college. Never when I was standing next to him.”

“So you have had fantasies about him.”

“Gentle ones. Silly ones. The kind of fantasies young girls and drunk women have about their fathers taking care of them. Nothing sordid.”

“Oh my... I wasn’t going to ask if you ever wanted to fuck him.” He laughed at me. I could see his eyes sparkle with glee through the ski mask.

“God... what do you want?” Suddenly he pulled up my shirt so that it caught above my breasts. I was standing completely naked in front of him and he could see all of my intimate charms.

“Isn’t it obvious from my questions? I’ll make it clear for you. Have you ever seen your father’s penis?” he asked as he began stroking my breasts.

My voice changed as I answered. I could no longer deny the level of arousal I felt. I could feel how slick my pussy had become as I stood there incapable of stopping his hands. “A few times and only by accident, I don’t even think he knows.”

“Have you ever seen his erection?” The man was now only using his finger tips with feather light pressure. Tingles of desire radiated through my system as he glided them all over my naked flesh.

“No... God no... Oh.”

“Have you wanted to see his erection?”

“Yes...” I admitted weakly. Shit why was I doing this? The man smiled.

“What do you call your father?”

“Pa, Papa, Daddy.”

“Do you like sex, Joy?”

“Yes.” I admitted as his hands came down to my vulva.

“Have you had truly satisfying sex, the kind that makes you weak at the knees and makes you shake with multiple orgasms?”

“No.” I panted and he pressed his finger upon my clit. I guess it was simply a reaction, but I pressed my hips forward onto him.

“Would you like to experience that?”

“Yes” Again, why was I telling him this?

“Joy, are you currently aroused.”

“Yes,” I whimpered weakly. I couldn’t deny it; he could feel my level of heat.

“How much?”

“Immensely turned on.” I confessed and closed my eyes in shame.

“How sweet, I think it’s time to wake Papa.”



In this erotic tale of family depravity, Charles discovers the forbidden desires of his submissive daughter. Taking his daughter for the sexual satisfaction of a wealthy pervert, this Daddy tastes the fruits of incestuous desire. Just what will happen between this loving father and daughter pair in Surely Wilder’s latest tale of graphic lust fulfilling incestuous BDSM?

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Dubious Consent Impregnation, Depraved BDSM Sex, Cuckolded Husband, Water Sports, Bondage Romance


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