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Mother Son Incest & BDSM Novels

Title:  P is for Pleasure III

Series:  Taboo Obsessions

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  65,509 Words

ISBN:  9781310347788

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3D Ebook Cover - P is for Pleasure III - Pleasure No.3 - by Surely Wilder

P is for Pleasure III


How was I to do this? A grown woman of 38 should not pee in her pants, I thought, but then a truly lurid thought ran through my mind as I considered the possibilities. We were outside, sitting on plastic chairs, in a yard surrounded by a privacy fence. No one would ever know. Was this any worse than wearing a collar? I liked that. Was it more awful or humiliating than being spanked? I adored that. Was it anything more intense than me inviting my son’s naked cock into my fertile pussy, knowing that he would knock me up? No. In some ways, Philip was right. This was a perfectly natural need in a natural surrounding. Why was I so conflicted? Besides, it might actually be enjoyable if I just relaxed and opened my mind as I had done to so many things over the last few weeks.

“You actually want me, your own mother, to pee in her pants in front of you, Son?” I asked as the decadent thought became more appealing to me.

“Yes, Mother. Tonight, I’m going to introduce you to the delights of pee play. It’s not something that everyone can handle, but I think that you especially will enjoy it. It’s incredibly intimate, and when done in the right way can bring us even closer.” With that I watched as he physically relaxed and allowed a second flow of urine to soak his pants. I could see his cock now and my eyes were glued to the crotch of his transparent pants as I watched his pee hole open and a stream of clear liquid jet forth. Philips eyes closed as he luxuriated in the wetness of his hot liquid. He seemed euphoric in the decadence of his actions.

By now I was beyond an ability to control myself. I was so horny and in such need of relief that I would have done anything to sate my desires. I turned to my son, and spread my legs wide as I said, “Alright, Son, if this is what you want to see, watch me. I hope you enjoy this.”

“I’m sure I will,” he said with a smug reply.

I looked at him as I relaxed my bladder. At first, nothing happened, except that I became aware of every moment and sensation. I could feel my bladder relax as I let down and then an elegant pressure begin to build internally as my urine flowed down my urethra. A small trickle of liquid seeped from my pee hole. I was instantly transfixed on the heat of my urine as it fell back on my clit and trickled into the crevice of my ass. The heat of my piss and gentle tickle of the flow had an intoxicating charge as I realized with some confusion, it felt good? I relaxed more and found myself enjoying the feeling as a puddle of warm pee pooled under my ass and began to slowly dribble down my legs. The clothing I wore seemed to trap the moisture and make it seem even more luxurious as I continued to release the tension of the day. Just as I was willing to release a torrent of piss, I heard my master say, “That’s enough, Mother.”

I opened my eyes and looked at Philip for the first time. I was startled with the erotic joy I had just felt. “How did that feel, Mother?” Philip asked with a gentle voice.

“Surprisingly, luxurious.” I panted as I began to rub the wet fabric covering my thighs and pussy. How was this possible, I wondered as I realized I wanted to do it again.

“You see, Mother? As I told you. Much of the erotic sounds truly disgusting until you allow yourself to experience it. And when you do, it unlocks the doors to boundless pleasure.” Philip said as he stood. “Would you like to know more of this pleasure?”

I actually surprised myself as I said, “Yes,” knowing what that would probably mean.



Kathleen learns to embrace so many erotic fetishes she never knew existed. She’s ordered to act as a puppy, punished in front of co-workers; she’s required to pee outside like a dog; and even to suck off a police officer. Finally, after being paddled by her son, she must pee her clothes to discover the joy of piss sex. That’s only half the story. You see, P really is for pleasure.

eBook TAGS     Mother Son Incest, MILF Age Play Seduction, Public Sex, Group Bi Sex MMMF, Group Piss Orgy MMMFF, BDSM Bondage & Discipline, Dominatrix, Impregnation, Golden Showers


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