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Mother Son Incest & BDSM Novels

Title:  P is for Pleasure II

Series:  Taboo Obsessions

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  54,112 Words

ISBN:  9781311802101

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Special EuroMark Price:   $4.95

3D Ebook Cover -Taboo Obsessions - Pleasure No.2 - by Surely Wilder

P is for Pleasure II


ďAh, poor Daddy and Uncle Daniel, do you want to join in too?Ē Sierra asked as she broke our kiss and reached out to take her fatherís penis in her hand.

I was mesmerized by the sight of a daughter stroking her fatherís inflamed cock, and she did it with such familiarity that Robertís back arched as she fondled his balls and gently rolled back his thick foreskin.

Not to be out done, I felt Danielís hand upon my head. I looked to see his beautiful cinnamon colored organ fully revived and throbbing with need for me. Without hesitation I leaned against Daniel and invited his prick back into my mouth. It felt so wonderfully decadent to pleasure two cocks at once. In the moment, I made no pretense of gentility. I began pounding my lips onto his brown staff, willing him to cum even as I tightened my pussy walls around my sonís penetrating cock. Meanwhile, I became aware of Sierra doing the same thing as she ground her bald gash on my sonís face while devouring her fatherís prick in her mouth. I couldnít really watch her but it felt so good to know we were united in our incestuous actions as we pleasured our familyís genitals. I reached out my left hand to her, and was pleasantly rewarded when she gripped my hand. Now we were all united in a wonderful moment of family bonding.

As I moved my pussy up and down my sonís rampant staff and swallowed Danielís cock, I realized that I was going to cum again. Finally, the pent up emotions and foreplay of the last several hours were going to be released. I leaned back, but Daniel followed my motions. Placing his hand on the back of my neck, he stepped over my son and straddled his body as I began moaning on his cock. Someone, it must have been Sierra, moved her hand down to my clit and began mashing it with intense pressure. I was limp with ecstasy as the two men burrowed in and out of my mouth and cunt, and I jerked uncontrollably in love and lust. Precious waves of pleasure flooded my pelvis and stomach, and rippling sensations of ecstasy rose to my head. In the moment, I was simply a rag doll that my partners pounded in and out of. It was exquisite. I was aware that Daniel was holding me in place as Sierra masturbated me and Philip fucked my tight tunnel. I was completely lost in the sordid pleasure of the moment.

Slowly, I came back to my senses.

As soon as I was stable, Daniel let go of my head and then disengaged from my mouth. For a fleeting moment I could watch as Sierra rode my sonís talented tongue while she sucked her fatherís fat prick. I couldnít believe how good and natural all of this felt. It seemed so right to be naked and giving pleasure to some of the people I most loved in the world. I didnít think it could become any better until I felt Daniels hand upon my shoulder.

ďStop thrusting, Philip.Ē Daniel said and immediately he did. Sierra and her father stopped to see what Daniel had in mind though the beautiful Latin girl did keep her daddyís cock in her mouth. Daniel bent my torso forward so that I was leaning against Sierraís breasts. The next sensation nearly sent me into a panic. I felt Daniel pushing the head of his hard cock against my back door. I knew that in an instant I would have two ravenous cocks rutting deep inside of me. One would fill my pregnant pussy, and the other, would be buried deep inside my bottomless anus.



Kathleen's lover helps her discover the fullness of her submissive qualities during the 2nd week of her new affair. It shocked even her to realize how much she loved to obey, and thrilled her to  become an exhibitionist and engage in group sex for the first time. Of course, she found the greatest joy was to experience the signs and know that she was fully pregnant with her masterís child.

eBook TAGS     Mother Son Incest, Impregnation, MILF Seduction, Oral & Anal Sex, Explicit Talk, BDSM Dungeon, Bondage & Discipline, Spanking, Golden Showers, Group Sex


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