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Vintage 1983 Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Outdoor Mom

Series:  Greenleaf Classics AB-5514

Author: Kathy Andrews

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Lot’s Cave Edition

Language: English

Length:  31,648 Words

ISBN:  LC1000201

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Outdoor Mom - by Kathy Andrews

Outdoor Mom


Standing with her tits showing and her shorts at her knees, letting her son and daughter look at her, Susan watched their faces closely. Doing such things with each other was much different than doing them with their mother, and she wanted to be sure before she went farther.

Toby's cock kept bulging, and when she searched his eyes, she saw desire, excitement, need in them. Ginger, to her surprise, was showing the same thing. But she knew neither of them had never gone farther than what she had just seen, that both were inexperienced, but very, very eager. What had held them off so far, she didn't know, but they weren't going to hold back any longer.

Susan lifted one leg, and slipped her foot out of her cut-offs, letting them fall to her other foot. She ran her fingers through her pussy hair, parting it to show the pink wetness of her cunt. It was like the way she had teased her husband in the groves, but she felt it more intently with her son and daughter.

“Don't hide them from mother,” she moaned. “I've already seen them, watching you two. Don't hide them from me now.”

“Hide what, Mother?” Ginger asked.

Toby, finally understanding, laughed in delight. “My cock and your pussy, Ginger!”

“Toby!” Ginger gasped. “Not in front of Mother!”

“Oh, yes, in front of mother,” Susan said. She worked her middle finger into her cunt, unabashedly letting her son and daughter watch as she slowly fingerfucked herself. “Right in front of mother. Both of you… let me see! I want to have fun, too.”

“Oh, no!” Ginger purred, sliding her palm against her pussy. “I wanna get fucked, too! I wanna feel Toby's cock inside my cunt, fucking me, the way he fucked you, Mother...!”


Susan is a mother who dares to let her most base desires surface. Swept into an illicit web of taboo sex and forbidden lust, can she escape? Will she accept the consequences of incest in exchange for becoming truly fully liberated? In this startling story, Mom dares to let it all hang out, and sparks flew! A dangerous combination when a brother and sister have a mom to fuck like this!

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Sex, Brother Sister Sex, Mother Daughter Incest, Lesbian Mom Daughter, Golden Showers, Caught Peeking, Tonguefucking, Degrading Piss Play, Taboo Kinks, Forbidden, Depraved Hardcore Sex


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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The Original 1983 XXX Cover