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Domination & Submission BDSM Erotica

Title:  Officer Hucow

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  15,250 Words

ISBN:  LC3200026

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3D Ebook Cover - Officer Hucow - by Crimson Rose

Officer Hucow


Undercover, Officer Sasha Cole entered the dark alley hand in hand with her first john on her way to the hotel room where her fellow officers hid in waiting to arrest whomever she brought back. But the tall, lanky man she walked half a step ahead of couldn’t wait and she found herself coming to a sudden halt. “What are you doing? The hotel is just over there.”

“Forget the hotel,” the man said with a crooked grin. “I want to do you right here in the alley.” Pulling her back, he spun her around to the wall and groped at her breasts.

“Not out in public,” Sasha purred.

“Yes in public.” Reaching up under her skirt, he tugged her panties down and spun her around – holding her hands over her head as he unzipped his pants, pulled out his already hard cock and pushed into her. Once in, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back, causing her to brace her hands against the rough brick wall.

“Uhn…uhn…Aahhhh fuck!”

“You like that, slut?” the man asked, grabbing her long brown hair and yanking her head back. “Mmmm, you’ve got the tightest pussy of any whore I’ve ever been with! Not going to last long before filling your sweet cunt!”

“Oh no you don’t! No cumming inside of me,” Sasha said pulling off the man’s dick, spinning around and taking it in her mouth. “You can shoot in my mouth, and only my mouth. Got it?”

“Sure, whatever, just keep sucking, bitch!” Taking her by the back of the head, he rammed his dick down her throat causing her to gag and choke and when he felt the pressure building to its peak, he held her there, grinning as her face turned beet red and shot down her throat – keeping his cock in place until every last drop was flowing down to her belly. “Thanks whore,” he said tossing five $20’s down at her.

As Sasha’s first John walked out of the alley, she spit out as much of his semen as she could, pulled her panties up and was righting her skirt when she spotted a well-built, well-dressed bald black man enter from the opposite end.

“Who in the fuck are you?” the man asked.

“Excuse me?”

“I said, who in the fuck are you? Metro Heights is my neighborhood, bitch and no one works these streets without my say so. Now, who the fuck are you?”

“I don’t answer to you,” Sasha replied as the man neared. “Back the fuck off.”

“Oh no you didn’t! Did you seriously just bark orders at me?” WHACK! His hand landed hard on Sasha’s left cheek. “If you’re going to work my streets, you’re going to have to prove yourself worth it. Sure, you’ve got the look, but are you any fucking good? Come on, bitch, let’s go.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Sasha proclaimed, pulling away from his grip on her arm and taking a big step back – wishing she had her badge and gun. Making a move to back up further, she was stopped by his large hand on her arm again as his other hand slapped her across the face again. “Ahgh, you motherfucker. Let me go!”

“You’re going to go. You’re going to go with me and prove you’re worth working my fucking streets."



Going undercover to catch johns soliciting prostitutes, Office Sasha Cole is walking through an alley with her first when he takes things into his own hands and take here then and there – tossing a few bills in her pretty face before leaving. But her troubles were only getting started. When she saw a well-dressed black man enter from the other end, she knew things were about to go south.

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eBook TAGS    Domination & Submission BDSM, Hucow LactoSlut, Breeding, Humiliation, Discipline, Fisting, Body Modification

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