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Father Daughter, Mother Daughter Incest

Title:  Nymphette Daughter

Series:  N/A

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  33,200 Words

ISBN:  9781311185792

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3D Ebook Cover - Nymphette Daughter - by Houston Cei

Nymphette Daughter


Beth and Janice began undressing and Jessie followed suit; since she was wearing no panties or bra for Beth it was simply a matter of removing her blouse and mini-skirt. Her bouncing 42 double D breasts with their big reddish brown, pointed nipples were beautiful to behold to both Janice and Jessie. The large pointed nipples seemed to be begging to get sucked while Beth was holding her breasts in her hands as offerings. Janice and Jessie made eye contact, flashed each other a smile and proceeded to suck hungrily on Beth’s nipples. Beth petted Jessie’s hair, and while she fingered her own cunt Janice wrapped her hand around his stiff prick to stroke slowly.

“This feels wonderful to have both of you darlings sucking my tits,” Beth said and addressing her daughter and then added, “let’s go sixty-nine now my sweet and Jessie can join in however he pleases."

Janice lay on her back to allow her mother to be on top while they licked each other’s pussy. While the two women were feverishly performing mutual cunnilingus, Jessie positioned himself behind Beth and with his balls touching Janice’s forehead, she paused from licking her mother’s pussy to bend his hard penis and guide it into her mouth for a few moments before he fucked her mother. While Jessie was getting his cock sucked by Janice, he let his eyes feast on the big, beautiful ass perched up in front of him until he was finally ready to let his face come in contact with those shapely cheeks. He pressed his face on the smooth skin of her buttocks and after a few moments, he parted the cheeks of Beth’s ass to let his tongue titillate her cute reddish-brown anus. The analingus was such a pleasant feeling for both Jessie and Beth that it went on for several minutes and it appeared to Janice underneath that they would never stop, but at the same time she was pleased to see her mother having so much fun. Janice took her mouth off of Jessie’s cock to resume licking her mother’s pussy and while he positioned himself to fuck Beth from behind, she helped to guide his cock back into her mother’s cunt. It was a beautiful sight for Janice to see such a big, hard prick moving back and forth in her mother’s vagina while at the same she was time still licking the clitoris and also giving a few licks to the active penis above her.

While continuing their mutual cunnilingus, both mother and daughter enjoyed the scent and taste of each other’s pussy. They had gone sixty-nine many times just the two of them and also with Julie, but now with a man in the mix, it was more enjoyable than they had ever imagined. They were also very good at bringing each other to a climax and after several minutes in the position, they succeeded as usual. Jessie sensed that they had both climaxed and although he was good at holding back an orgasm, he was near ready. With his cock wet with Beth’s vaginal moisture and also Janice’s saliva, Jessie moved his prick from Beth’s pussy to slip it into her asshole. The two lovely women were still in such a horny mood that they remained lying the way they were with Beth’s face in her daughter’s crotch and Janice watching her mother getting fucked in the ass with a hairy pair of balls still dangling in her face.



Rosalinda is smart, friendly, and popular and has the physical charms that would rival those of the Goddess of Love. Her personality lights up a room and everybody wants to be her best friend. She’s a flirt in high school and many of her fellow students want much more that simple friendship and with her overactive libido, she is more than willing to accommodate those fortunate enough to be selected.

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