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Mother Son Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Naughty Mom

Series:  N/A

Author: Betty Beckett

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  30,124 Words

ISBN:  9781301832187

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Naughty Mom, by Betty Beckett

Naughty Mom


Vicky waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.

William sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his eyes big and round, glittering with excitement. The very long, very slender legs of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass bunched and relaxed.

Vicky wasn't really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way at home, privately, with only her son watching. Never for anyone else. She possessed a natural sense of rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking rather than dancing. The sway of her hips, the twist of her shoulders, the way she thrust her firm, shapely breasts, invited the eye and, perhaps, a hand. Mostly, teasing her son was tremendously arousing.

As she moved about the living room floor, she watched her son. Her eyes, too, were glittering, hot with excitement. Her breasts looked ready to pop from her tight blouse, the creamy valley between showing. A light shrug, and a nipple just might escape, which was exactly what William hoped for.

Vicky's blouse was open almost to her waist, and it was obvious she was naked under it. Her breasts, though firm and tight-looking, jiggled generously in movement. Her hips, encased in a pair of white, extremely tight shorts, writhed and made grinding motions. The crotch was very tight, pulled into the slit of her cunt, molding the pussy lips, bulging slightly. When she twirled her ass in his direction, William watched those compact asscheeks, seeing the lower half, the white flesh contrasting deliciously with the tan of her thighs. Vicky's ass was quite shapely, too, with the asscheeks swelling in mouth-watering sweetness.

This wasn't the first time she had danced before her son with such erotic, teasing movements. She had danced for him many, many times, as far back as he could remember. More recently, she loved watching his bulging cock grow hard inside his pants, knowing he wanted to stick it to her, to fuck her. Turning her young son on, knowing he was ready to shove his hard cock up her cunt, excited Vicky tremendously. She loved to turn her son on with her body, yet she was by no means a prick-teaser with other men....



Imagine your pretty Mom doing naughty striptease dances for you, dancing erotically. Then while you visit the bathroom privately, she listens secretly at the other side of the door. Enjoy this naughty tale of a Mom and son who discover an illicitly taboo love, then find they enjoy a mutual taste for watersports and liquid gold. These fetish fantasies will arouse, leaving a big smile on your face.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Golden Showers, Anal Sex, Lesbian sex, Golden Showers, Watersports, Pee Play, Pants Wetting, Masturbation , Liquid Gold, Wet and Dirty Kink, Extreme Fetish


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Relative Taboo

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