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Father Daughter Taboo & Incest Novels

Title:  NaughtyPanties Dotcom

Series:  N/A

Author: Kinky Vinyl

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,420 Words

ISBN:  LC1100045

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3D Ebook Cover - NaughtyPanties Dotcom, by Kinky Vinyl

NaughtyPanties Dotcom


Not that I'm complaining… my hunger for worn panties has been satisfied on a regular basis by rooting through the step-daughters laundry basket, there's nothing sweeter than a nineteen year old, sexually active young lady's knickers to come across, the hardest part is stopping myself from keeping them, wearing them or replacing them, begrudgingly.

The very first time I managed to pluck up the courage was an electrifying moment in the history of my fetish. Everyone must have experienced at one time or another the sense of achievement and smug satisfaction from getting what you want. I was no different the night I wandered into her room whilst she was in the bath soaking her sins away. When I say 'her' I mean my step-daughter Olivia. At the age of nineteen she is tall, slim build and very good looking. A younger version of her Mother but thankfully not as bitter. Olivia has, for her size, a buxom breast and a spankable bottom … unlike her Mother who has a bad tit job and a saggy ass. I can envisage that Olivia is identical to her Mother when she was that age. She has been my step-daughter for the last five years and I have seen only two boyfriends in that time. The current one is a drip, why she chooses to be with someone who clearly can't satisfy her is beyond me, although, it does help me in the daydreaming department as I imagine her being wholly satisfied by me and my abundance of knowledge and experience.

That particular night I was home alone whilst the wife was at tennis practice… I was in the mood for filth and listening to Olivia making out on the porch was something I couldn't and didn't want to ignore. I listened as the silence of them kissing filled my ears and low, yearning groans escaped from their lips … Olivia, like music to my ears cut short their fondling session and retreated inside the house. I knew at this point that her crotch would be glistening with her teasing juices, submerging themselves into the pocket of cotton that I loved to delve my nostrils into. The poor boyfriend left the porch with a limp but it certainly wasn't his cock that was limp.



Harry had a dirty little secret, ‘dirty’ being the key word. Stumbling on something to satisfy his addiction he escapes into a sea of pleasure that only Olivia could provide. Little does he know she is carefully grooming him for her own dirty little secret. Enticing him with her wily charms, they hear someone approaching. Will they get caught? Or will it only lead to more debauchery?

eBook TAGS    Worn Panties Fetish, Father Step-daughter Incest, Barely Legal,  Dirty Knickers, Kinky Sex, Family Exotica


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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