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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Naked Sister

Series:  N/A

Author:  R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  12,411 Words

ISBN:  LC1200086

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Naked Sister - by R. Richard

Naked Sister


“Jason, I have found a way out for me. Some of my girlfriends also want a way out. However, I was the only one with guts enough to try the Princess Pussy. If it works out for me, some of my girlfriends will also want to work at the Princess Pussy. I get a bonus, if I recommend a girl who goes to work at the Princess Pussy. However, I need to be sure that the girl will screw and that she screws well enough for the Princess Pussy.”

(I can’t believe where this is going, but who knows?) You want me to find out if the girl will screw?

Sis says, “That’s part of it. The girl has to be willing to screw customers, any customer that they send her. She also has to screw, not just lie there like dead meat.”

“You want me to test screw your girlfriends.”

Sis takes a deep breath, “Yes, if you can pass my test.” With that, Sis gets up and starts to strip. She dances around and teases off her blouse. She then does the double jointed thing that girls do when they take off their bra, however, she doesn’t remove her bra. “If a girl wants to dance at the Princess Pussy, she has to be willing to display her breasts, okay tits, jiggle ‘em for the boys, shake ‘em for the boys and get the boys warmed up.” Sis then dances around as she shows me one nipple and then the other. She then pushes up her tits with the bra, and then discards the bra as she shakes her tits back and forth. Sis then says, “The girl shows tits, then she moves to the main event. Sis then flashes her panties a couple of times and then drops her shorts, kicking then aside.. She flashes her shaved pussy a couple of times and then drops her panties, kicking them aside.

I have been stripping, along with my sister and, when she gets nude, I grab her throw her on her bed, join her and then roll on Sis and stick my hard, aching cock into my sister’s pussy. I stroke hard and deep, while I feel Sis rock and roll under me. I lose all track of everything else and I just fuck. It seems way too soon, but I can feel myself running up to climax and my sister also seems to be running up to climax. We hit the finish line together, in a shattering mutual orgasm. I then roll of Sis and lie beside her. I tell her, “You were fantastic, fit for a king!”

Sis just breathes for a bit and then tells me, “You don’t seem to have any trouble screwing your sister. Now you get to screw my girlfriends. If a girl wants to work at the Princess Pussy, she has to come in, during the day, and audition for one of the dancers. The audition will be in the nude and the girl needs to practice dancing in the nude. Things tend to flop around, when a girl first tries to dance in the nude. The girl first has to stop the flop and only then audition for the Princess Pussy. Once the girl gets past the dance audition, she has to go in and strip for the Manager. So, she has to strip for you first.



Jason and his twin sister have always been close—perhaps a little too close. When Jason’s experimentally-minded sister wants to watch him with her friends, he’s all too willing. Now, this horny brother is discovering another side of his mischievous sister. As a nude dancer, she knows all the right moves to excite him and his depraved thoughts! Will Jason discover his twin is even dirtier than he expected?

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Twin Sibling Sex, Twincest Romance, Nude Dancing, Whore Revenge, Barely Legal Girls Video


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