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Vintage Victorian Erotic Novels

Title:  My Secret Life

Series:  Complete Volumes I, II, III

Author: Anonymous

Edited:  Phaedrus T. Wolfe, Lot's Cave Ed.

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Language: English

Length:  263,130 Words


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3D Ebook Cover - My Secret Life - Volumes I, II, III, by Anonymous

My Secret Life


In the next street a woman after I had done her said, "You have got me in the family way." Something led to my remarking that I should like to fuck a woman in the family way, and her saying that she knew one who would be confined in a fortnight, a nice woman, a fine woman, her sister, the wife of a mechanic, but badly off just now. I can't tell what had made me take such a desire, but I said I would give a sovereign to see her cunt and big belly, and fuck her, and would give five shillings if she would get this for me, not believing she was a married woman, or her sister, although the wench said so.

Asserting that it was no gay woman, and that a sovereign would be a great help; she would go and see about it, if I would wait. Returning she said that if I would really give a sovereign her sister would let me, but that I could not stop long, for fear of her husband. We went into an adjacent street of poor houses, but evidently with a different class of tenants. She entered one, I waited close by till she beckoned me in, then I found a decent young woman with an enormous belly who asked me to show her the sovereign first, then to give it to her first, which I would not. She dallied, and put off the affair, and I thought I was hum-bugged. At length she got on to a clean although humble bed, the other woman pulled up her clothes, I smoothed her belly, and with much trouble got her legs open, and tried to see her cunt.

She resisted, but gave way under the persuasion of the other woman who kept saying, "Do now,—what did you say yes for, if you meant no?—a bargain is a bargain,—don't make a fool of me,—well if you are ashamed now, you should abin afore," and so forth. At length I had had a good look at her cunt.

Then I longed for a fuck, indeed took a letch for it, pulled out my prick, and asked her to let me have her. "Not she," said the sister, "you have seen all, and must be off, her man may come home at any minute." The big-bellied one was much more quiet, laughed, I took out my sovereign, wetted it with my spittle, and balancing it on the top of my prick, told her to take it off, which she did in a very clever way; for instead of taking it off with one hand, she shut one hand against the other, enclosing my prick and the sovereign too in her hands. Both women laughed, and the gay one said, "Well Mary, you've had more than one man's in your hand now at all events,—you'll never tell Jack I'll swear,—now go sir,—her man don't like me here, and he won't like you, I'll swear."

My letch overcame me, I forgot how poor I was, and would have given my clothes off my back for a poke up the cunt beneath that hard big belly, so asked her again, and stood with my prick out, both women laughing. I prayed her to let me again feel, and she consented. She was then sitting down, I had to put my hands up her clothes, and stoop to do it, my back was to her so-called sister. She laughed, and looking at her sister whilst I felt her, caught hold of my prick, gave it a grasp, and immediately relinquished it. Her sister did not see this done.

More: about My Secret Life

My Secret Life is an anonymous Victorian Englishman's sexual memoirs, including extensive descriptions of his sexual escapades with more than a thousand women. The author provides elaborate accounts of how he procured women and details about what they did together, including his tastes for flagellation and group sex. His discussions of the broader vice industry in London and throughout Europe create a rich history of sexual life in Victorian England.

An edition of this book was banned in New York because of pressure from the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice in the early 1930's. It was reprinted by Grove Press in 1966, but not without incident. Arthur Dobson, an often-prosecuted British bookseller and publisher, sold 250 copies of the Grove edition in England, but when authorities threatened to raid his shop, Grove rescinded Dobson's distribution rights. Dobson published his own paperback edition combining the first two volumes, but before selling any copies, he was arrested and charged with violating the Obscene Publications Act of 1959.

At the ensuing trial, his lawyer unsuccessfully argued that the book should be immune from censorship because of its historical value. Dobson's guilty verdict established the precedent that "historical importance" does not justify producing or distributing obscene works.

Warning Note From Phaedrus T. Wolfe: This eBook is more of historical significance than a leisurely read.

Lots Cave Note: The entire Taboo Series of eBooks from Lots Cave depict Vintage Incest Erotica of the Victorian Era that were published prior to 1900 and are now within the public domain. Nearly all adult erotica titles of that period contained references to incest, though incest was not always necessarily central to the theme.



"I began these memoirs when about twenty-five years old, having from youth kept a diary of some sort, which perhaps from habit made me think of recording my inner and secret life... But my doings with man and woman are as true as gospel. If I say that I saw, or did, that with a cousin male, or female, it was with a cousin and no mere acquaintance; if with a servant, it was with a servant; if with a casual acquaintance, it is equally true. Nor if I say I had that woman, and did this or that with her, or felt or did aught else with a man, is there a word of untruth excepting as to the place at which the incidents occurred. But even those are mostly correctly given, this is intended to be a true history, and not a lie."

eBook TAGS    Implied Mother Son Incest, Limited Cousin Incest, Vintage Victorian Erotica, Published 1889, Banned & Censored


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