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New Age Erotica

Title:  My Wife's Dirty Diary

Series:  N/A

Author:  Helen Ridley

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Helen Ridley at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  22,688 Words

ISBN:  LC5400028

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3D Ebook Cover - My Wife's Dirty Diary - by Helen Ridley

My Wife's Dirty Diary


I pulled my hand off her mouth and grabbed my belt. I pulled my finger out of her to unlatch it, and then I unzipped myself. Lana had slid down the wall and was now bent at nearly 90 degrees. It was the perfect angle to slide my cock between Lana's tight buttocks.

Just the touch of my penis sent her lower body into convulsions.

I grabbed her hips. "Do you want it now?"

She whispered back, "I don't- I won't-"

I squeezed my shaft between her thick cheeks. "You're going to take it."

"I'll scream."

I reached down into her bags and found exactly what I wanted. It was a fresh pair of panties from Nordstrom. I took the thing, a red and black number, tag and all, and wound it in front of her face. "No," she said. Even the girls could hear that. "No..."

I slid the panties between her teeth, and she bit down. With my other hand I guided my cockhead straight into her bent buttocks. I pulled her panties roughly to the side.

"Must be a big spider," Sara said.

It was as if the path had been greased for me. My wife was so wet that I slid under her cheeks and into her vagina with ease. I timed my first thrust with the girl's flush.

I fought to suppress my own groan but Lana couldn't hold anything back. She groaned right through the panties. She pushed her hands into the wall to meet me with a strength I didn't realize she had. That just made me harder, and Lana grunted so loudly the girls were silenced.

"Um, are you okay?" Sara asked.

I didn't pull the panties out of her mouth. I let Lana grunt again as I pushed myself inside her. I should have been more cautious but I was lost to my own pleasure. My wife thrust back with a savage passion, using the wall for leverage. Between her wet, rolling buttocks, her insides were like a furnace. She twisted in my grasp like she wanted to run away, but every time she bounced she threw her neck back and groaned.

I pulled the panties out of her mouth. "S-stop," she gasped. "You're raping me-"

"You know I won't stop," I said to her. I spanked her ass.

Her legs nearly gave out. "Don't fuck me," she gasped. She pronounced the word in an entirely new way. She took her time getting out the "f," and the rest of it chopped out of her teeth and held on to the back of her throat. It was like she was making love to the word itself.

"I am fucking you," I said. "There's nothing you can do about it."

She tossed her hair back and pushed off of the wall with her arms. I thrust deeper, my cock forcing its way between her panties and her soaking sex. She groaned. "You son of a bitch..."

"That's right. What other dirty words do you know?"

She swallowed hard. " cocksucker."

"I think she's talking to herself," one of the girls said.

"What if I make you my cocksucker?"

"F-fucking...f-fucking bastard..." she grunted.

My hand slid up her blouse, under her bra. I cupped her breast with a savage ownership. "I'm deep inside you," I whispered in her ear. "I'm so deep inside you."



Neil thought his sex life was over. His wife Lana is just as beautiful as the day they met, but after buying a house, having a kid and dealing with their jobs, the couple never have time to make love. Then Neil reads his wife's secret diary and discovers a list of unfulfilled sexual fantasies she's just dying to explore. Neil's going to save his marriage by seducing his wife all over again!

eBook TAGS    public sex, husband wife erotica, erotic romance, loving relationship, rape roleplay, anal sex, roleplay sex, married erotica


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