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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  My Very Own Angels

Series:  Complete Two Volumes

Author:  Seema Singh

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Seema Singh at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  33,028 Words

ISBN:  LC1600069

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3D Ebook Cover - My Very Own Angels - Complete Two Volumes - by Seema Singh

My Very Own Angels


I gasped and my arms tightened around his strong neck and his lips became insistent. I gasped and my mouth fell open and my son’s sweet tongue shot inside my mouth. I swirled my tongue against his. Sanju pulled the sari off my chest and his hands started to unbutton my blouse.

I pushed his jacket off. I impatiently unbuttoned his shirt and pulled at his tie. Sanju laughed in my mouth. I always made a mess of undressing him. He could undress me so easily and so sensuously.

I sighed and pushed my lips onto my son’s seeking, warm lips. He gently pulled me up on my feet. He pulled the sari tucked in my petticoat. It slithered on the ground. His warm hands finished unbuttoning my blouse, he pulled the blouse off my arms, and soon it too joined the heap of my sari.

Sanju released my gasping mouth and his lips moved over the side of my neck. His lips kissed and sucked on the soft skin, I started to moan. My son could raise the fire of lust in me so easily even after two and a half decades of being together.

Sanju kissed my large breasts overflowing over my white cotton bra. He moved side ways and kissed my armpits. He loved doing that and I responded to his desires and that area turned into erogenous zone after few months of our mating.

Sanju kissed my by then bulging belly, round full waist with a full bulge just over my wide full heavy hips. Sanju untied the ‘narra’ [tying cord] of my petticoat and it floated down around my ankles.

My wide hips dimpled with age and full heavy meaty thighs were naked. My white panties stretched across my waist and hips. My son loved that. He sniffed the front of my panties and I whispered, “Sanju.”

Sanju pulled my panties off my legs and kissed the lush bush that now with good mix of grey and glistening with my sex juices.

No sooner, my son’s mouth covered my pussy, I moaned and my breathing became erratic. His tongue separated my thick lush pubes and his lips locked on the soft plump pussy lips.

I was ready to cum but Sanju knew his mother’s every twinge, flutter and tremble of her body. He did not want me to cum so easily. He got up and undid my bra. My enormous breasts tumbled out of the confinement and drooped over my belly.

Sanju lifted them in his huge hands and slowly rolled them. His lips locked over one nipple and after sucking on it for few moments, he moved on to the other. I pushed his mouth on to my nipples.



Married at a tender age in rural India  Urmi is childless and worried. She visits her widowed grieving father and both end up having sex 'accidentally'. Urmi and her dad find love and can not stop. Urmi is pregnant with her son soon. When her son Sanju enters teen and is a veritable giant history repeats itself.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Grandfather Granddaughter Lovers, Family Romance, Incestuous Pregnancy


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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