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Newly married, Alice and Joe thought they’d have the life every couple dreams of—including hot passionate sex! When their new neighbor turns out to be a handsome older man, Alice can’t help but lust after him. Becoming a young but naughty housewife, Alice is about to indulge in her need for rough outdoor sex. Will this cheating housewife find the satisfaction she’s always dreamed of living?

Bored Housewife Erotica

Title:  My Naughty Neighbour

Series:  Bored Housewife No.1

Author: Lola Ryder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lola Ryder at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,130 Words

ISBN:  LC5400009

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Book Cover Photo - My Naughty Neighbour - Bored Housewife No.1 - by Lola Ryder

My Naughty Neighbour


After forty minutes or so of sunbathing, Alice got a little bored. She looked around, wondering what to do and saw her and Joe’s pushbikes standing outside, leaning to the side of the house. Oh, I better put them in the shed, or I’ll forget again, Alice thought. She got up and rolled the bikes one by one into the shed. As Alice was ready to walk out of the shed and lock the door, she noticed a cupboard under the worktop by the window. Oh, a cupboard! I didn’t see it before, Alice thought and bent down to have a look if there was anything inside.

As she opened the cupboard doors and browsed through the contents of old tins of paint, painting brushes, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, Alice felt someone’s strong hand slowly stroking her bottom. Alice jumped and turned around to find smiling Harvey standing in the shed next to her.

“What a nice ass you’ve got, my dear!” Harvey said. “Did you enjoy me stroking it?”

Alice stood by the window, her face red with embarrassment. “Harvey, I think, it would be best if you leave…” she managed to squeeze out.

“How could I leave such a pretty young thing alone,” Harvey said. He came even closer to Alice and put his right arm around her shoulders. His left hand stroked her cheek and went down to her bare breast, caressing it and gently rolling her nipple between tips of his fingers.

Alice wanted to push him away and run, but whatever Harvey did was so nice. Her nipples got hard and perky and she felt hot and wet between her thighs.

“That’s it, you are enjoying it, lass… good…” Harvey said. “What you need, my dear, is a darn good fucking!”

Alice yet again wanted to push Harvey away and run, but… she did not. The truth was, she did need a good fucking. Joe was so (understandably) engrossed into his new job, trying to show his boss how good he was, that every day he was coming home very tired and not in the mood for making love.

As Harvey’s hand massaged her breast, Alice looked down and saw that there was a big wet patch growing on her knickers between her legs.

“Well, this is quite enough, Harvey,” she said, trying to push away his hand, hoping that he did not notice the spot. “I need to go now!”

“Go? Where do you need to go, lass?” Harvey asked and his bushy wide eyebrows raised in amusement. “You are enjoying yourself and we only just started!”...

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