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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  My Brother's Good Girl

Series:  N/A

Author: Christina Ward

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  7,102 Words

ISBN:  LC1200094

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3D Ebook Cover - My Brother's Good Girl - by Christina Ward

My Brother's Good Girl


My mind was blank and weightless as I kissed my brother's lips and chin, coiling my body around him and letting him unzip my dress behind my back. We tumbled into the bedroom together, almost forgetting to turn the doorknob as we knocked against the wood and swung it open. He managed to slam the door shut behind him with a quick stomp of his foot, spinning us around like a tornado of lust.

I pulled my face away from his, cherishing the flavor of saliva he left in my mouth. “Big brother,” I whispered, without thinking. “I'm done touching myself to you. I want to make you feel good now.”

He chuckled. “Me too.” His words sent intoxicating warmth to my cheek. “I jerk my dick every day, waiting for you to barge into my room and fuck me.”

“Oh my God,” I groaned. “And I thought I was such a slut for feeling these feelings.”

“Today's the day you've been waiting for. Your big brother is finally here to make you cum.” He yanked my dress down to my waist, getting the silky hem caught on my hips. He pulled it down further, dragging the tight fabric past my newly exposed pussy and peeling it desperately along my thighs. “My sweet little sis, I shouldn't be so fucking horny for you.”

I gazed into his eyes, trying to stifle my overflowing joy. “If you think that, maybe I am a slut after all.”

The world upturned as he pushed me onto the bed. I let out a gasp, and he squeezed his face in between my thighs. He plugged his tongue deep between my pussy lips and proceeded to lick into it, so warm and sopping that my brain immediately filled with sparks. I needed him to go faster, lick me harder. I wanted my big brother to eat my pussy juice and stuff his nose against my clit, so I instinctively squirmed against his face, rubbing my thighs all over his ears. It seemed to encourage him to find a hold inside me, digging deeper into my slutty cunt.

“Don't stop!” I whined, urgently grabbing the back of his head and pulling it against my soaked cunt. “Let me play with your mouth!”

He let me rub against his face, causing me to writhe like a crazy person. I was steadily losing my mind as i rocked my hips up and down, dragging my pussy on his mouth and jabbing my clit against his nose. My cries of pleasure were his reward for every lick and swirl of his tongue.

I was glad Mom and Dad were not home to hear this. I felt totally free. I could make myself moan with my brother all night if I wanted to. I would.

“Big bro!” I swooned, rocking my hips and sliding against his nose. “I'm gonna cum on your mouth!”

When I heard him to try to say something between my legs, I thought it sounded like “Fuck yeah,” but it didn't matter. My brother simply groaned against my feverishly convulsing thighs and muffled his words into my pussy, then he nodded his head.



How far would you go to show your handsome and innocent big brother you want him? Big bro has been saving himself for the perfect girl. Well now that you are finally eighteen, it's time to show him that you want to be his sex toy. Forever! There's just one problem. He still thinks of you as his pure, cute little sis.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Sex, Sibling Incest, Rape Bait, Barely Legal, Forced Deepthroat, Non-Consent Sex


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