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Mother Daughter Lesbian Incest Novels

Title:  Mother-Daughter Models

Series:  N/A

Author: Lydia Gray

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Edited & Modernized by: Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Re-Published: Lot’s Cave

Length:  40,692 Words

ISBN:  LC1375004

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3D Ebook Cover - Mother-Daughter Models, by Lydia Gray

Mother-Daughter Models


“Scott... I... I'm terribly square about... about sex,” Sandra said haltingly as he unzipped her gown and helped her out of it, “but I don't want to be! Be patient with me and teach me!”

Scott smiled in reply and gazed admiringly at her now nude body. Sandra had the feminine roundness Kathy lacked, but aside from that their bodies were very much alike. Sandra's tits were larger and firmer than her young daughter's. Both of them had great sets! Sandra's waist was a little thicker than Kathy's, and her hips were fuller. She had her daughter's long, sculptured legs.

Where they differed was in the pubic hair covering their cunts. Kathy's was pale blonde, the color of her hair, but Sandra's was jet black and thick.

“You're gorgeous, Sandra!” he said with an appreciative sigh.

“As pretty, naked, as I am with my clothes on?” she asked with a champagne giggle.


“How about you?” she giggled, walking up to him and boldly reaching out to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

“Why don't you find out?” Scott laughed, letting her open his fly and begin slipping his pants and shorts down.

“OH!” Sandra gasped when his long, thick cock suddenly jumped out of his pants at her. It was the biggest prick she'd ever seen!

“Like?” Scott asked as he almost lost his balance trying to step out of his pants and shorts while he pulled his coat and shirt off.

“Yes,” Sandra said with a tiny blush crossing her lovely cheeks.

“Why don't you give me a little head?” Scott suggested.


“Suck my cock to warm it up,” Scott chuckled.

“Scott... I... Well, I meant it when I said I was square about sex. I... I've never done that to a man,” Sandra said in an embarrassed voice.

“You said you wanted to learn,” Scott replied, reaching out to take her ripe tits in his hands and fondle them.

“I... I do.”

NOTICE: This novel, Mother-Daughter Models, by Lydia Gray, was originally published in paperback pulp fiction by Readers Choice Library as RCL-219 in 1976 and is today in public domain.

This special Lot's Cave edition has been carefully edited by Phaedrus T. Wolfe to modernize it for contemporary readers.

New chapters were added where missing story parts once existed in the original and the original length of 34,000 words was increased to over 40,000 words.



When professional photographer Scott shows up, Sandra and Kathy discover a simple but revolutionary idea. Lonely divorced mothers and young daughters can band together, beat the odds and thrive through adolescence. By facing the challenges of finding a man together, a mother and daughter can love staying close and having fun while taking on the hottest sexual issues girls and women face.

eBook TAGS    Mother Daughter Incest, Lesbian Sex, Barely Legal Seduction, MILF, XXX X-rated Smut, Porn Stories, Adult Novels, RCL-219, Classic 1970’s Erotica


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Original 1976 Book Cover

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