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Mother Son Incest & Romance Novels

Title:  Momís Dilemma

Series:  A Wilder Short

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  15,405 Words

ISBN:  LC1000084

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3D Ebook Cover - Momís Dilemma - A Wilder Short - by Surely Wilder

Momís Dilemma


Ok, letís get one thing settled at the beginning, I am not an alcoholic nor am I a sex crazed fiend who canít control her passions. Iím a woman. Thatís not extraordinary. Iím married, again, pretty typical. I fell in love with another man, boring and hum drum. The man I fell in love with impregnated me, a little more unusual, but not unexpected. The man I am having an adulterous affair with is my son. I know; I know; I know. Stop the world, itís the end of times, kill the harlot. Itís not like that.

I used to think that when a guy tried to explain their cheating away in a story or movie by saying, ďIt just happened,Ē was bullshit. How do you just happen to arouse another person, get naked with them, engage in foreplay, and then have sex with them? How does that happen? Well, now I know. Take two individuals who are in their sexual prime, place them in a compromising situation, allow both of them to be fully attracted to each other, and let nature take its course. Thatís how it happens, and thatís what happened to me.

Iím not really trying to excuse the incest that occurred between my son and me, and to be honest, Iím at full fault. I recognize that. But I wasnít a sexual predator any more than my son was a rapist. Iím not a child abuser as he was fully 18 years old when we began fooling around. We were both fully consensual partners as we simply discovered a deeper bond than most mother/son relationships; and Iím not sorry for anything we did together.

I know that Iím at fault for everything because I was the one who set it up; or at least life set it up for me. I have an overly demanding job; an overly absent husband; and a genuine need for stress management. Throughout most of Timís high school education I always had Friday nights alone. They were mine as my husband traveled far and wide for business and Tim was always out with his friends. After high school graduation, that all changed and on those Friday nights he often saw glimpses of my weekly ritual, but kept his distance. The first Friday of September, though, everything changed. On that night we were alone together, and my son got to see me in my less than glorious appearance which led to the glorious outcome we now have.



Mandyís success as a mother canít take away the fact her husbandís cheating on her. Left sexually frustrated, this motherís desire for more children needs satisfaction. When a family movie night with her irresistible son takes a kinky taboo turn, Mandy feels her growing desires becoming known. With a little wine and her biological clock ticking, what will happen between this mother and son?

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Sexually Frustrated Mom, Irresistible Son, Kinky Taboo Sex, Growing Secret Desires, Family Romance


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Relative Taboo

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