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Mother Son Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Moms and Sons

Series:  Volume No.7

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  50,000 Words

ISBN:  9781310402517

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Moms and Sons - Volume No.7 - by Baron LeSade

Moms and Sons - Volume No.7


Hurrying into her room like a little girl with a birthday present, she ran into her bedroom and quickly closed the door. Dropping the package down onto the bed, she tore the wrapping off.

“Oh, how pretty,” she gushed to herself.

Reaching down, she picked up the soft, filmy gown.

Running one hand underneath it, she saw that she could see the outline of her hand through the gossamer material. It was sheer, but not too sheer. It reminded her of the gown she had worn on her wedding night David's father, Sam.

How come he always knows exactly what I need she asked herself as she swiftly peeled her clothes off and slipped into the gown?

Opening the door, she bashfully stepped out of her bedroom.

“You look dazzling,” her son grinned at her as she timidly walked toward him.

“Thank you for my present,” she softly said. “How do you always know what I need?”

“Cause, I'm your little boy,” he grinned down at her, “and little boys always know what their mommies need.”

“I hope that you like it,” he told her, taking her hand and lifting it above her head as he slowly spun her around.

“You know how much I like soft, silky things,” she cooed, pulling him to her and giving him another hug.

“You like it then?” he grinned, hugging her back.

“I love it,” she giggled, stepping back.

“Well, ma'am,” he smiled, taking her hand and leading her into the bathroom, “your bath is prepared.”

“Oh, Honey, I can't thank you enough,” she grinned back at him, leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek.

“You take your time,” he told her, walking back over to the door and pausing, “and when you finish, we'll have some supper.”

It seemed like all the cares of the world were slowly evaporating as she luxuriated in the warm caressing water. Sipping on the glass of wine David had left for her, she watched her big, heavy breasts gently bobbing in the warm water.

I wonder what kind of wine this is? It has a strange taste to it. I've never had any wine like it before.

Smiling, she suddenly realized that her nipples were hard. Why, she wondered as she raised her hand and gently rubbed one of the tingling buds. What was happening to her, she asked herself as she felt an unfamiliar warmness spread out from her pussy. What was going on?

Puzzled by her body's reaction to the water and wine, she pulled the stopper out and watched the water disappear down the drain.

Sitting there in the empty tub, she had the strangest feeling. She had never felt anything like it. Her arms felt heavy and listless as she lifted her hands and ran them over her body. She felt so relaxed and mellow; she didn't have a trouble in the world. It was like all her worries had been washed away by the strange wine. Now, the only thing that mattered was that she was happy for the first time in a long, long time and nothing was going to change that.

But at the same time, underneath the feeling of quiet serenity, there ran a current of excitement. She couldn't explain it. She almost felt like she had taken some weird drug. A drug that had quieted her while at the same time it excited her.

She didn't know why, but she found herself growing more and more excited as she toweled off. Then, as she delicately lifted the gown and let it fall down over her body again, she had the oddest feeling. It was the same feeling she had, had on that wedding night, with Sam. It was almost as if she were dressing for bed. Dressing for her lover, she thought as she ran her hands over the soft, silkiness, feeling her body underneath it.



Martha’s internal heat leads her to accept comfort and sexual solace with her son in a way most in our society would consider taboo. Those of who've had no first-hand knowledge of the practice of incest can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the drawn drapes of middle America. This six story volume of Moms and Sons contains erotic accounts of moms who outwardly are proper and quite normal, but prefer seducing their sons or being seduced by them.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom & Boy Incest, Caught Masturbating, MILF Cougar Sex, Seducing Mom Romance, Family Exotica


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