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Mother Son Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Moms and Sons

Series:  Volume No.5

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  46,000 Words

ISBN:  9781301831104

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3D Ebook Cover - Moms and Sons - Volume No.5 - by Baron LeSade

Moms and Sons - Volume No.5


Setting her drink down, Lorna felt herself drifting off...

Suddenly she found herself naked and floating down a long hallway on a cloud of mist. And she was floating toward a door, that somehow she sensed that Bobby was behind. Moving in slow motion, she made her way down through the swirling mist toward the door. What evil awaited her behind that door?

Finally, she reached the door. With her heart pounding wildly, she reached out with trembling fingers and pushed the door open.

Bobby! Her mind screamed as she saw Bobby on his bed, standing on his knees behind Tom. Both of the boys were naked and Bobby had his cock shoved up Tom's ass while he had one hand down under Tom and was slowly stroking it up and down's Tom's oversized penis as he pumped in and out of Tom's ass.

Lorna felt a spasm of fiery jealously twist through her brain as she watched her son defiling the other boy. She couldn't let Tom have her baby. She had to take him back.

Trying to move, she felt like her feet were buried in cement as she tried to step toward them.

“Stop! Stop!” she screamed out. “Bobby, don't do that—”

As she spoke, she saw Bobby lethargically turn his head and look toward her with a cool, indifferent look on his handsome face.

“No—Mother, I can't stop,” Bobby told her, his voice seeming to come from miles and miles away. “We love each other—”

Lorna felt like she was walking in mud up to her knees as she ever-so-slowly slogged her way across the room while Bobby's butt continued to work back and forth as it drove his cock in and out of Tom's willing ass.

She had to prove to Bobby what real love was. Prove to him that this couldn't be love! True love was could only be real love when it was between a man and woman. Not two men!

“Yeah, Mrs. Harper—we love each other—” Tom added in a low, husky voice as he looked over at her and continued to thrust his ass back at Bobby's sick, depraved attack on it.

“Stop it, Bobby—Please—I'll do anything you want—if you'll stop—” Lorna pleaded as she labored across the room toward the bed. It would take her a year to reach the bed if she continued along at the same snail's pace she was moving, she crazily thought.

“Anything?” she heard Bobby ask from the swirling fog that surrounded him. Then she saw his hand move away from Tom's cock and his hips grind to a stop.

“Anything—Anything—just stop!” Lorna shrieked, her clawed hands reaching for him.

“Let me fuck you?” Bobby coolly asked as he stared into her dark, brown eyes.

Lorna was staggered. She hadn't been expecting that! Her son! Her own son wanted to fuck her! The shocking reality of what he had said to her came crashing into her frantic brain like a meteor crashing to the earth. He wanted to fuck her! How could he even think such a horrible thing?

Her brain was reeling by the enormity of his sick, twisted question. The thought of allowing her own son fuck her! It was unreal! Insane! Unfathomable—

“How could you?” Lorna gasped. “I'm your mother!”

“But you said anything, Mother—” Bobby calmly explained with an evil, malicious smile on his upturned lips.

“Bobby, for God's sake, please stop this madness—” Lorna shrieked...



Mom on the make; the story of Edith, faced with staggering problems, emotional, financial and particularly physical—and the path she takes to solve them. The overwhelming problems some moms face in the course of their lives, frequently leads them to commit sexual acts they would never consider under usual circumstances. Moms And Sons contains three fictional stories about moms who outwardly are proper and quite normal, but follow a course of incestuous behavior many consider perverted.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom & Boy Incest, Caught Masturbating, MILF Cougar Sex, Seducing Mom Romance, Family Exotica


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