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Mother Son Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Moms and Sons

Series:  Volume No.3

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  46,000 Words

ISBN:  9781301132393

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3D Ebook Cover - Moms and Sons - Volume No.3 - by Baron LeSade

Moms and Sons - Volume No.3


Susan was awakened by the front door slamming shut. Looking down at her watch, she saw that it was four o'clock. It must by Mikey getting home from school. He was a senior at Hanalei High School and would be graduating in a couple of months. She couldn't believe that he was already eighteen years old. And she really had difficulty comprehending the fact that she was thirty-nine. Where did the time go, she asked herself, getting up and walking over to the window looking out over the pool? They had no neighbors and so the pool area was their refuge. No one could see into the pool area from outside it and they couldn't see out of it. It was secluded and hidden, the perfect place for a little nude sunbathing and swimming when no one else was around.

Just then, she heard the sliding door below her window slide open and her son came striding out into the bright Hawaiian sunlight.

She felt her heart do a little flip-flop down in her chest as she watched him stroll across the patio and drop a towel by the edge of the pool. How could any man be so perfect? He was the clone of his father when his father had been that age. Tall, wide-shouldered, muscular, tanned-skin, tiny waist, hard-defined belly and legs that were muscular and powerful. He was a bronzed Adonis, she thought as he stopped at the edge of the pool. He was the mirror image of his father, even down to his mannerisms. She still hadn't put any clothes on so she ducked back to where he couldn't see her as she watched him turn back toward the house. Luckily she had done so, because he turned and looked at the house. Up at the window where she stood watching him. She wanted to watch him in his natural state. And she knew if he saw her he would start showing off and do something weird.

Then as she watched, he shoved his thumbs under the waistband of his trunks, bent at the waist and pushed them down his powerful legs.

Susan sucked in a breath of air, making her big tits heave and bobble, gasping as she saw her son's penis suddenly flop out into the open.



Will Nell, a passionate and horny mom, ignored by her husband, consider taking on her son if he can manage to sufficiently arouse her? It often takes a younger son to lead the way in opening the eyes of his older mother. Moms And Sons features four stories of moms brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything incestuous, and find it reassuring to discover they are not different, naughty, or even perverted for such sexual practices.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom & Boy Incest, Caught Masturbating, MILF Cougar Sex, Seducing Mom Romance, Family Exotica


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