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Femdom Forced Family Incest Novels

Title:  Mommy's Little Pawn

Series:  N/A

Author: Chanel Ashby

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,448 Words

ISBN:  LC1375005

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Mommy's Little Pawn - by Chanel Ashby

Mommy's Little Pawn


She tore off Ashley's shorts, tugging them down, over her cheeks, down her slender, bare legs that Vivienne had studied for far too long last night. The girl wanted to spread her legs for a married man, didn't she deserve the wrath of the wife? Fucking cheeky little cunt, Ashley really thought that there were no consequences. She was about to learn and the girl cried, “stop, Mom,” but it was too late. Vivienne had Ashley's bare bottom right where she wanted it and her right hand went up and she brought it down in a vicious, powerful slap.

It hurt her hand and at the moment, she didn't really care if it were truly a case of the spanking hurting Vivienne more than it did Ashley. The girl had earned this and she brought her right hand down again and again, each wallop louder than the last and each made her daughter buck under her. “You think you're so clever,” she mocked Ashley as she smacked her three more times on the left cheek, “you fucking, little tramp,” she hit her on the right cheek to even it up, “I know exactly what you're up to.”

Vivienne's hand ached and she looked to the coffee table, she usually kept a hairbrush there and that would do nicely. It was a wooden brush, solid and heavy, the handle was cool in her hot hand and the noise it made as she brought it up in the air made Ashley jump. “What are you doing, Mom?” she asked, her tears were genuine, for once, and the fear was too. It had been at least ten years since Vivienne had even tapped her bottom. Whatever discipline the girl had received hadn't been enough and it had never been like this.

“Beating your ass,” Vivienne growled in her ear and pushed Ashley down, her left hand on the small of her back as the right hand stayed, poised and ready to slam against the juicy bottom of Ashley's cheek. Ashley moaned, it was a sound that was closer to pleasure than pain, something similar to what she had heard on the laptop last night and there it was, it was unmistakable, the gush on Vivienne's thigh.

Her daughter's pussy was dripping. She was wet as rain to leave a hot, damp spot on Vivienne's leggings and the feel of it sent a shiver down Vivienne's spine. She was still furious and she wasn't even close to finishing with Ashley's punishment but there was something else, an animal need, something primal had pricked up its ears and Vivienne wondered if she and Thomas weren't more similar than either of them thought.

She reached under Ashley with her left hand, “what's this, Ashley?” her voice was a warning, quiet and angry. Vivienne's fingers slid over her daughter's mound and the girl froze, letting out the tiniest whimper as her mother began to meander. “See, you are a little whore, aren't you?” Vivienne hissed in her ear, spanking her with the right hand as the left hand stayed there, opening her daughter's lower lips and exploring her young, seeping crevice, “you love that, don't you, you little bitch?”

Ashley cried out in pain as the hairbrush landed on the bottom of her cheek. Vivienne was sure that by the heavy thud against her daughter's bottom that the pain radiated out from where it had landed, directly colliding with the strange pleasure that was circling from her mother's hand between her legs. The girl wasn't going to admit to anything though and she gritted her teeth, “stop it, Mom. I'm not a whore,” she wanted to say more but Vivienne watched as Ashley lifted her head and bit her lip sharply instead.

Vivienne had found her daughter's swollen bud and flicked it with her index finger. The electric twinge of need reached up to wrack her young body and yet, Vivienne gave her no reprieve. There was another blow from the hairbrush on the other cheek and another release of liquid on Vivienne's leg. “You are a whore,” Vivienne strummed Ashley's clitoris again and grinned as her daughter's body rolled, pushing herself into Vivienne's thigh, ready to beg for more, “and I can prove it.”

She kept her hand steady, fondling the girl in a slow, up and down tempo that kept the pressure building as Vivienne continued the spanking until Ashley's skin was boiling hot and the girl was crying, “yes, please, stop, no, don't.” She didn't even make any sense and now there was a second wet spot on Vivienne's leg, her daughter was crying.

Vivienne set the hairbrush down and moved Ashley to the cushion beside her. Her daughter's face was streaked with tears, shaking, her dark hair was a mess and it was unsettling to see her in just the tight, white shirt. Her nipples were even larger than they had been the night before and Vivienne was almost sure that Ashley had never been touched by a woman before. “I know what you did, Ashley,” her voice was cold but her hands were warm and she reached for the bottom of her daughter's top and without asking, without caring what the girl would say, she pulled it off over her head and watched as her little girl's small, peach-shaped breasts tumbled from tank top.



Vivienne’s cheating husband has a taste for younger women—and Vivienne’s had enough! Intent on punishing her disobedient sexually wandering husband, Vivienne’s secret desires form a depraved plan. After Vivienne’s daughter needs a good spanking, Vivienne’s plan takes a turn for the taboo! Just what will happen in Vivienne’s world of lesbian domination, family threesomes, and harsh BDSM punishment?

eBook TAGS    Mother Daughter Incest, Father Daughter Sex, First Time Romance, Anal & Oral, Lesbian Domination Erotica, Taboo Family Threesome, BDSM Spanking Discipline


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