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Mother Son Incest Bondage Erotica

Title:  Mom Screams for Mercy

Series:  Mom Screams for Mercy No.1

Author: Tiffany Meat

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,219 Words

ISBN:  LC1000123

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3D Ebook Cover - Mom Screams for Mercy - by Tiffany Meat

Mom Screams for Mercy


Returning to where mom was entertaining the wetbacks, I let Marc make room for us. Being that Marc was in tight with the farmer, the Mexicans submitted to us in a docile manner. The wetbacks have this innate sense of respect for whites.

There before me, on the straw covered staple, mom was sitting on her ass, playing with her clit while a big black guy was jerking himself off, aiming his cock right at her open mouth.

“That’s right baby, give it to me! Give mommy your load!”

The black gave out a blood-curdling scream and then blasted mom with a quart of cum. He covered her hair, nose; every part of her face and hair was soon dripping with Negro baby batter.

Mommy smiled and licked off the cum from her lips and tip of her nose with her tongue. She smiled at the black and gave his cock a kiss. The black reached into his shirt pocket and tossed her a couple of twenty dollar bills.

“Damn bitch! You the best cock sucker! See you tomorrow.”

My world came crashing down on me. I had fucked mommy, thinking how awesome it would be to sin against God and hopefully, get her knocked up. However, in the end, I wanted to hurt her; humiliate her. I was hoping to teach her a lesson she would never forget. How was I to know mommy turned out to be such a whore?

“Ok, bro, here it comes! Watch your mother take on these monster cocks!”

Mommy, can you ever forgive me? Oh Lord, what have I done?

Even as I sat with Marc and a ton of sweaty, horny guys, my mother laid back down on her back, playing with her clit.

“Isn’t there a real man out in the audience who can satisfy me? Isn’t there any guy with a cock big enough to make a woman out of me?”

“Man, your mom is more of a whore than I thought!”

She was; she really was. Mommy was a good for nothing, nigger loving cum slut and my taking advantage of her depraved nature and splooging all over her cute middle aged lips was to blame. Oh, mommy!

I had to confront her; I had to find out if the blacks and Marc, my ‘friend’ had followed her instructions or perhaps they had turned her into a junkie and took advantage of her. When will this nightmare end?

“That’s right baby, stick that fat nigger cock up my slutty pussy!”

I guess mom wasn’t forced to give it up. She not only fucked like a well-trained hooker, but she even sounded like one. How could it be? This woman was nagging me about homework and not leaving porn sites on her computer only a short while ago and now, she was begging for dick juice.


She stopped lick the Mexican’s piss hole to look at me. There was no recognition that her only son was crying out for her. The only thing she gave me was a wink.

“I’ll be with you shortly, Tommy. Mommy’s got to take care of these nasty young men!”



Nothing has ever been as appealing to Tommy as his mother. Burning with a lustful need for the taboo, will Tommy finally get the answers he craves? Little did Tommy know, his mother is secretly willing to do anything he desires. Pushing the boundaries of what she can handle, Tommy’s mother is soon exposed to dirty acts of mother son incest. How far will one mother go to please her loving son?

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Cum Receptacle Mom, Dub-Con Interracial Impregnation, Barely Legal Boys, Oral and Anal Sex, Dark Erotica, Sadistic Nipple Torture, Masochism BDSM


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